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Name: Viper GTS (75.00% in 40 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

If you have been visiting this site chronologically, you should have a pretty good idea on what Viper series are by now (3 reviews about Viper series already). However, for those who are new to this site or this game, here's some brief description on the game's background. Sogna has been fame for their hyper animation game series including Viper V6, V8, V10, V12, V16, and F40. Among the games, all of them seem to stress mainly on the animated H-content. There will be little or no gameplay in the games, but heavy emphasis on the H-part of the game. If you just like to watch H-scenes and lazy to use your brain (like me), be sure to check this game or other series out.

Unlike other Viper series, this one only has one story included. The game appears to be the next episode to one of the story in Viper V6. It continues after Ogawa has summoned the sexy devil, Carrera. Carrera is penalized for disobeying the rule of soul draining after devils have accomplished human wishes. While Carrera was being imprisoned, Ogawa has once again summoned the devil again in hope to see Carrera again. Since Carrera was imprisoned, Ogawa summoned another devil, Merisadess, out instead. Being only faithful to Carrera, Ogawa has decided to summon again. This time, Ogawa has finally called Carrera out, and of course have a great fun with her. However, in the midst of the 'party', angels have appeared and interrupted them. The angels, having both sexes' organisms, took Carrera away. It is up to Ogawa to help Carrera out. Whether or not Ogawa will successfully rescue Carrera will only depended on your important choices.

Like other Viper series, Viper GTS doesn't have many replay value or gameplay. It is only for your visual pleasure (eye-candy). There will be crucial points that you will need to choose or your game will be over, but you usually have enough save slots that you can save every time you need to choose. As a result, a very simple game was produced. Again, this game does not suitable for gamers that like to have a long gameplay time (ex. Rance, Kaeru, Oudou, Zero, etc.), but will surely fulfill your ultimate fantasy and desire. Recommended for people that like animated stuffs.


Graphics - 7.5/10 This one does not looked as good as Viper V16, but knowing that GTS is made 2 years before V16, Sogna has done a decent job on the effect of the graphics. The girls are a little disfigured at some point, but it still looked very beautiful compare to previous series such as Viper V8 and V10. When you examine games that are released in 1996, you'd surprise how good the game graphic is.

Story - 5/10 The idea of summoning devil is interesting. You get to trade your life for a wish, which is having fun with the devil. However, like what I have said before, Viper games do not have an in-depth description of the story like To Heart or other H-games have. They are just simple brain-stimulating h-games.

Gameplay - 2.5/10 Like other Viper series, you don't get a lot of gameplay (You should have already known that if you have played one of the series). It is a simple straightforward game that requires little or no challenges at all. You will only choose some text for about 7 times or less before the game ends. However, it does have multi-endings. What happen to you and or Carrera will vary depending on the 7 places that require you to move your mouse. Other than that, the rest is series of clicking.

Music - 6/10 The music has enhanced the mood of the game. The mischievous but lighthearted midis have effectively produced a mood that is suitable for devil. The voice also puts a great impulse into the game. The voice sounds very nice and enhanced the game a lot (I wonder how they manage to get voice actress to do the H-part of the game). Sogna has done a fine job creating a fine auditory effect.

Viper GTS and related pictures are copyrighted to Sogna.
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