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Name: 48 (66.06% in 155 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: 13cm
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Dormant for the past month of the summer, me, GTO, has finally found a decent H game for people to play. Okay, I lied. I couldn't resist going out to the beach enjoying the sunshine and forgot all about reviewing.

48 is an H-adventure game made by 13cm. The company has produced several quality games for Japanese PC in the recent years and 48 is one of their first games. Other titles include Cow and the upcoming new release, Sukisukidaisuki. Although the company seems to be pretty new, the beautiful drawings in the game will prove that 13cm will stand strong in the Japanese PC industry.

Before I start talking about the game, there is some background that I would like to provide. 48 is a game that involved in Tokugawa shogunate time period (1603-1868). At that time, a large recreation and entertainment industry grew in Edo (What is now Tokyo). This industry is later known as the ukiyo (floating world). Ukiyoe are art or images of the floating world. One of the popular subjects in ukiyoe is bijin (beautiful woman). The drawings are usually naked women but birds, flowers, and sumo as well. If you relate ukiyoe with 48 pictures, you will probably know what this game is all about by now.

In 48, you are an artist in Tokugawa shogunate period. What you do for a living is draw women. One day, you got a job asking you to draw 48 pictures of different sex positions. In 25 days, you will have to gather and draw 48 different sex positions. Upon the receiving of the job, you hired a woman and with your female assistance, you began your collection of 48 pictures. Along the way to collect all 48 pictures, you will also need to visit brothel where you can draw more of the different kinds of the positions. At the end, if you successfully completed all 48 positions, you will be able to choose the girl you like.

The drawing in the game is superb. If you played H-games for some time, you should know that each company has its own style of drawing. For example, Alicesoft's CG was beautiful but sometimes loses the erotic feeling because of it; Elf's CG are mostly censored without any mosaic but just skin; and 13cm's CG is pretty yet erotic (I might be opinionated, but it's hard not to). The colors in 48 are vivid, the girls are cute, and the expressions are "hot".

The sounds in the game are well done too. Instead of the nasty synthesized midi, the game uses wave for music and voice. Not to mention that the music is good, but the voice is very pleasurable to hear. Although not all the dialogue is voiced, the scream and yell sound is well produced. Also, the music has several variations, so you won't get bored by hearing the same music over and over.

The story is very interesting. You will see a slow change of the attitude toward you of the model you hired. As you drew more complicated and deeper position, her attitude changes and thus different dialogue and service will be given. There are five girls in the game, but only one is the model. The rest is your assistance, worked in brothel, or daughter of some family. Since the model and the assistance liked you (although you don't really know), they will sometimes fight for you.

There isn't much gameplay in the game except mouse clicking (You can't really expect any gameplay from an adventure game, right?). Typically, the game is very easy. It will not be hard to get all 48 positions. Just be nice, patient, and manly ??? and you will collect them all.

GTO - 7.14.98
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