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Name: Bible Black (90.77% in 13 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: Windows
Company: Active
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Akuma-sama

A dark and mysterious story by Active.

Story: Your protagonist (a usual college student) hears about a 12 year old dark magic event that happened within the schools basement. After his after school art club, he goes to turn in the rooms keys but sees to the basement. He decides to go to the basement and finds a black book that is written in Latin. He then goes home to analalyze the black book and translates the book to realize that the book is a magic book. He then decides to try out a spell on someone who happens to be a girl who made fun of him while having a discussion with his childhood friend (also a girl)....

Gameplay: The character a usual college student finds a black book which is a dark spell book in Latin. He tries a spell on a girl in his class who then takes off her clothes and disgraces herself in front of her classmates. The story drastically changes from here. The game is set for 11 days in which the titles full name Bible Black: La noche de Walpurgis is named. The ceremony of which the devil is called and needing a sacrifice to complete the ceremony. During the days you encounter decisions based upon yourself picking up the book, which includes lending it to the black magic girl in your class (in which she never returns the book and starts using magic from the book), seeing that your school nurse was involved in the ceremony 12 years ago as the sacrifice (sorry no more spoilers), and people who you are involved with which cause the intriguing story to branch off depending how deep your protagonist gets in the black book. The game has 1 "true" ending though many of games are truly "bad endings" the character deals with how he changes and how the power of the book has huge influence in the school. The protagoinst based upon his decision can end the game as quickly as 8 days but I recommend not to go for that ending. The bad endings in Bible Black are basically the revenge that people get back at for things that were done to them or being irrational in deciding something serious.

CG: The graphics were pretty good except I think Active shold have been done the drawings slightly better because from the drawing. Though some drawings of the girls were okay. The graphics that are accessesd were pretty nice and were pretty fluid.

Voice/Music: This game was pretty interesting that it included male voice (your protagonist) and male classmate voices. Though the girls voices were good, I was surprised how good the voice actor's voice was in acting though I am surprised the credit did not show the name. Music was really good too. Active did a great job in order to catch the seen.

Overall: If you like the way Active makes their games with dark school stories added with religious references and hardcore H scenes this is your game. I also recommend the game Angel Halo though the game was made in 1996 it is still a very good game by the company.
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