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Name: Blood Royal (80.45% in 22 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: Windows
Company: Cherry soft
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Akuma-sama

A sick and interesting story by Cherry Soft.

I guess from my knowledge, you are a captin of a ship who lands on a mysterious land called Farce. A women in black calls upon you to train(bondage,SM,etc.) two princesses named Miltie and Sakuya. There is also a boy named Tom who will help you with anything you need while training the girls(Someone told me though that the boy is actually a girl,yuck...)Sorry, anyway, the game is 45 days long which you can train the princesses or do other things such as go into the town and meet other women.

You are a captin(sorry forgot the name)who trains two princesses for a month and a half though I do not know further information of where they are from. The endings achieved by the game(40)is not that difficult based upon the fact at the end of 45 days you can change the choice of your final decision of being with one of the princesses, and or being with two girls who are in the local town you adventure two. Some of the endings are quite strange in which, well.. I can not spoil it for you guys. One thing that disappointed me was the fact that the "good" endings which were around 7 of the 40 were not in depth and did not explain well into the girl's pasts.
I also did not like the one of the two girls in the town of Farce who were prostitutes because she looked as if she was 12 years old and the captin looked to big in size to have enjoyment.

The graphics were okay to some extent. Miltie was okay looking while Sakuya was really beautiful. I guess the other two who were beautiful was one of the two girls from the town (they are prositutes)and the one who hired you to train the girls. I like how the game has a CG mode to look at the pictures and the endings of the game.

Okay, voice was pretty good but the music was really bland. This would be a low point in my review because the music was the same over and over again.

If you like bondage training and sick and sad story then get this game. I realized as I forgot to say that for Japanese language requirement is maybe upper beginner or so. I was able to get through hearing the girl's voice and realizing what was going on and the minimum kanji that I know. One last thing is most of the CG images are hentai over 80 percent or something close to that number.
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