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Name: Area 88 - Manga (77.50% in 4 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: Video
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

Since there are so many spellings out there, I had to guess on some of these to figure out which one is right. Irritating? You bet.

"Area 88" was first published in Shougakukan at 1979 by Shintani Kaoru-sensei. There are 18 volumes total from what I have learned. Since then, it has brought out an anime and two different versions of a video game.

Meet Kazama Shin. He's a bright kid who wants to be a pilot for Yamato Air Lines, be married to Tsugumo Ryouko, the daughter of the airline's president, and future leader of the company. He would later find himself as a mercenary pilot for the Aslam Foreign Legion. Stationed in Area 88 which is out in northern Africa, he only has three options: stay for three years, cough up $1,500,000 or escape, only to find out that you'll be killed later on. During his stint, he becomes friends with Micky Simon, an American pilot and Shin would have some kind of matter to tell people like McCoy, the old guy who would sell Shin and the other pilots ammo, and Saki Vashutal, the commander (who most likely is part-Japanese, part-Indian and part-Aryan since Vashutal means along the lines of "one who establishes control" in Sanskrit, which is some sort of pun). So, how will Shin deal w/ this scenario?

Yamato Air Lines really is supposed to be Japan Air Lines, the most recognized airline company in Japan. As for the manga itself, good luck finding it. Even though Viz and Eclipse brought the manga to North America, the reason why they're rare now these days is because it somehow did not get enough attention when it got here a good amount of years back, I think.

Fun - 10

I am not a guy who really enjoys military series, but this series will take your breath away. Yeah, we have your funny moments once in a while with McCoy, but the pain Shin feels every single day is the heart of this story. "Wow!" I can't say anything more that one word.

Life - 10

Like I said, good luck finding a volume. They're pretty rare indeed. You don't think that I would be kidding around now, would you?

Story - 10

As time goes on, you see the characters, especially Shin grow and grow. It's so tragic, that it is powerful. There are moments when you want to have the same feelings as the characters themselves.

Art - 10

The art may be old, but the spirit is still in there. What else can I say? I believe I can conlude this review already.

Overall - 10

Take it to the skies and get this series if you're able to! The drama, the action, this is a real touching series indeed. You can thank me later on.


The characters, the spirit within, the manga is that good.


Flaws? What flaws? There are no flaws.
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