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Name: Rockman 7 (100.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: Super Nintendo
Company: 13cm
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

Well, it finally occurred. Wily is sent to jail. Peace has been restored. All is well, right? No.

What people didn't know was that Dr. Wily secretly hid four robots in has lab, if he ever got to jail. So, the four robots broke loose, caused havoc and freed their master. They are Burst Man, Cloud Man, Junk Man and Freeze Man.

You know what comes up next. Rock has to stop Dr. Wily...again. This time, there's a new robot in town: Forte and his dog robot: Gospel. It may not seem like it, but "forte" is a musical term that means a loud musical passage and of course, Gospel is a music genre. Oh and if you don't know, their names outside of Japan are Bass and Treble respectively as in like the settings for radios. Forte actually is a creation of Dr. Wily and he was meant to be a spy for Dr. Wily so that he can get enhancements from Dr. Light.

"Rockman VII" came out for the Super Famicom in 1995. This is the first game that introduced Rightot or Lightot for some of you. You are able to buy items by collecting screws like in the Game Boy games. Oh and as for the list of Masters you have to face this time, I mentioned Burst Man, who uses air bubbles w/ explosives, Cloud Man: the fourth sky related robot who actually is the third electricity user, Junk Man, a user of junk and the fifth robot to wield a shield in the end as well as being the second mess-related robot, and Freeze Man, the third ice robot. After you defeat those four, you have to face Slash Man: an agile robot who uses claws to cut you down to bits, Spring Man: the spring Robot, Shade Man: the dark vampire user and Turbo Man: the car robot who wields out the fourth fire weapon of the series.

Fun - 9

Yes! Capcom learned a lot from their previous game of the Dr. Wily saga! There are plenty of extras and I mean plenty. I won't bother mentioning all of them. I just want you to find out for yourself if you haven't done so.

It may have the Rush enhancement from "6", but it no longer is a necessity. It went back to the basics and I like it that way. It really does feel like a "Rockman" game.

Yeah, you will find this game fun, but I might as well mention the two flaws now. The first one is that that the probability of you picking wrong robot master after defeating one has decreased and I say this because this can make the guessing game easier for you when you actually want to rely on luck. The other one happens when you reach the end. Good luck beating Dr. Wily because Capcom made him difficult to beat. The shots he brings out are so crazy that they're not funny at all. You better bring your four energy cans if you want to beat him for the most part.

Life - 9

It’s because of this game that my hatred for Wily has grown stronger. Thankfully, it doesn't affect my feelings towards the series though. So, it ends well.

Audio - 10

To be honest, I like the soundtrack of this game. Turbo Man's theme is spiffy and so is Cloud Man's. I like the fact that they play old tunes and I'm not talking about the tune you hear after you pick and defeat a master, but bits of Guts Man's theme, Heat Man's theme and Snake Man's theme as well in the point between the two batches of the Masters. There are new effects like the charging on your Rock Buster and I'm liking them.

Control - 10

The classic fundamentals + the ability to switch your weapons by pressing the shoulder buttons = "Capcom continues to amaze me here."

Story - 10

Wily busting out of jail was expected, but for Capcom to come up with a pair of slick robots like Forte and Gospel is...I don't know what to say. Thank you Capcom for coming up with two of the coolest power hungry characters out there.

Art - 8

I'm going to give the art an eight. No, it's not because I was overwhelmed by the "X" games and no, there will be no complaint from me saying that the game looks too childish for me. The kiddy look wasn't a reason to begin with and it will never be a reason. The reason I'm giving the art an eight is because that some of the robot designs don't look spiffy. While there are bosses like Turbo Man, the Guts Man replica, the first sub-boss you face and Forte that look cool, there were ones that made me wonder, "How much sake did Capcom drink?" like Spring Man. Other than that, um, there’s not much else for me to say.

Rock is still Rock. The hard helmet critters we love as mascots, but sometimes hate as enemies are still here (and I think they're called Mets). I like this anime-like feel, even if there are people who complain that it looks too childish.

Overall - 9

It has a lot of extras. It has a lot of likeable characters. It definitely has the touch. This definitely makes up for the mediocre game as a farewell.


The amount of nostalgia, the tunes, the amount of new material to collect, it sure is that fun.


Wily's final form is that hard.
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