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Name: Binzume Yousei (40.00% in 1 votes)
Platform: Video
Company: Unknown
Release date: 2002
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

"Binzume Yousei"/"Bottle Fairy" is a funny 13-episode Xebec series by Tokumi Yuiko-sensei that came out last year with each episode lasting for 15 minutes. It is based on a game that came out later than the anime. Four fairies came down to Earth to become human. To do that, they have to learn about the aspects of life and they're doing it with the help of Sensei-san and a little girl named Tama-chan who assumes that she knows everything, but instead, she just ends up being kawaii. Their names are Kururu, the genki one, Chiriri, the quiet and shy one who is obsessed with head covers, Sarara, the smart and tomboyish one and Hororo who can be best described as Osaka of "Azumanga" as a fairy.

Well, there's not much to say. There's no story, but it's kawaii and it has its funny moments. Oh and thank Hikari no Kiseki for translating this surprising series.

Fun - 9

Like I said, it's kawaii and it's hilarious. Each episode, except for the last one is named by the months. The last one is named "Then", giving out the conclusion. Sarara is definitely the coolest fairy of them all. Hororo did some stuff that were just too funny for words.

I'll admit that I can only recommend this to people who don't mind having no story and who likes any kawaii series. Aside from that, there are a few plain moments, but thankfully, those funny moments remedy the scenario. I wish I knew more information about some characters like Tama-chan, but that's okay.

Life - 10

Need a series to keep your spirits up? You know this will be a keeper in the long run. So, there you go.

Audio - 10

The seiyuu of the fairies, Mizuki Nana-san, Nazuka Kaori-san, Horie Yui-sama and Nonaka Ai-san sing the opening, which is too sugary to get out of your head and that's a good trait for some of you. What's interesting is the ending song's lyrics change according to the month. Add Momoi Haruko-san, Tama-chan's actress, to the list and you have a spiffy cast.

Art - 10

Some people say the game's art is better than the anime's. Quite honestly, I could care less. It's bright and vivid. Oh and I like the use of dots. Notice how they cover some subjects in some cases. Yeah, they look weird by themselves, but when they blend in, it makes you wonder why you don't see many series be as creative as this. As for flaws, um, nope. I don't see any.

Story - N/A

Well, it gives the layout of the game. Still, please watch some other series if you want a story. This doesn't have one.

Overall - 10

I sure had fun watching "Binzume Yousei". The characters were fun to be with every week and I had my moments of laughter. So, if you have been watching too many serious series or if you need a moment of laughter, give this one a whirl.


It's kawaii and not only does it give you moments of laughter, but it also gives you lessons in the Japanese culture.


A few plain moments could have been better overall.
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