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Name: Scrapped Princess (78.75% in 8 votes)
Platform: Video
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

"Scrapped Princess" or "Sutepri" as many people call it (derived from "suteru", the Japanese word for "scrap" or "to throw away") is a series by Sakaki Ichirou-sensei that came out earlier this spring. Pacifica Kasull is a princess who is said that disaster would strike the moment she turned sixteen and time is running out for her and her adopted siblings, Shannon, a bold swordsman and Raquelle, a magic user, who are trying to protect her. Along the way, they meet various people. So, is there another way around of this fated event?

Fun - 10

No matter who the character is, I pretty much have connected to all of them, especially the troubled ones. I can feel what they're experiencing. Shannon and Raquelle have done a marvelous job in trying their best to protect Pacifica. I have been loving each and every episode, even though there were a few slow moments.

Life - 10

Don't watch this once. Don't watch this twice. Watch this as many times as you can.

Story - 10

"A princess who is supposed to be sacrificed to prevent disaster?" That's a wonderful story if you ask me. Next.

Audio - 10

Each character has a seiyuu that matches real well and I couldn't find anyone better. If you have seen a few series in the last three years or so, you should have noticed that Pacifica is played by Orikasa Fumiko-san and she really does a good job here. So, major kudos to them all.

As for the music, ho ho ho! You're in for a treat. The opening is done by Jam Project and Okui Masami-san. The ending is done by Oranges & Lemons. Those artists are definitely some of the hottest ones out there right now.

Art - 10

This is probably one of the best, if not, the best animated series I've seen out of Bones. The character designs are magical and the places are a marvel to look at. I mean, what else is there to say?

Overall - 10

"Scrapped Princess" has become an instant classic to many anime fans. There is no doubt that this is one of my all-time favorite anime series. Time will tell if it'll be my series of 2003. If you have not done so, experience this fantasy adventure yourself.


The connectable characters, the music and voice actors, the drive, how can this not be a finalist of being my series of 2003?


Aside from a few slow moments, there's not much else to complain about.
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