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Name: Rockman 3
Type: ACT
Platform: Video
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

"Rock Man III" introduced one of a "Rock Man" player's best friends: the slide. This is the game that also introduced Rush and Blues. I could have sworn that Eddie first appears here as well, but maybe I'm illusioning. Anyway, "Rock Man III" first came out in 1990 in Japan and elsewhere shortly after Japan's release. There's Spark Man: a robot who shoots out electrical sparks and the second electrical robot, the always irritating Snake Man, who uses the Search Snake to home on his enemies, Needle Man, the needle robot, Hard Man, the big robot whose knuckles pack a punch, Top Man, a robot who uses tops to kill you, Gemini Man, another irritating robot who can not only make a shadow copy of himself (hence the name Gemini Man), but can also use the Gemini Laser to bounce off a wall if needed, Magnet Man, another robot that uses a homing weapon, but seen in the form of magnet and can use his magnet powers to get you come close to take a beating from him, and Shadow Man, whose design is based on a ninja fighter.

Fun - 10

The challenge has been boosted up and you have the slide. Whoo! This can't get any better, right?

Uh, there's not much to complain about. There are times that it can get challenging at the wrong moments. Three of the hardest bosses in the game or in the series for that matter are Snake Man, Gemini Man and Shadow Man. Oh man. Other than what I have said up to this point, that's pretty much it.

Life - 10

The "Rock Man" magic is still there. That's all that I will say.

Audio - 9

Capcom took a risk by going with an all-new sound track. Well, there are times I wished that they didn't like when you defeated a robot master, but for the most part, I like the songs here. I liked each song from the title one to the robot select one to Gemini Man's to Snake Man's. Oh boy. You know what? Forget the 9 you see as the score. It gets a perfect score from me.

Control - 10

Great control + the slide = better mobility.

Story - 8

It's the same old story, but hey. At least Blues plays as the role of the spy in order for you to know what Wily is up to.

Art - 10

Even though it skipped a year and that the game looks the same, it still has the touch. What I like is that in the robot select screen, if you go to Snake Man, you'll see Rock Man look upwards. That is innovation.

Overall - 10

Now, this is what I'm talking about! The series really has gotten better here. There's no doubt that this is one of the better "Rock Man" games. So, if you have not do so, play "Rock Man III".


So many new elements are for the better and the touch is still there.


The story may still be the same, but that's not major.
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