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Name: Rockman 2 (10.00% in 1 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: Video
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

"Rock Man II" first came out in 1988 in Japan and elsewhere shortly after Japan's release. Wily is mad and he goes on to create 8 robot masters of his own. There's Bubble Man: a robot who shoots out water bubbles, Air Man, the wind user, Quick Man, the fast robot who can also use boomerangs, Heat Man, the second fire robot of the series, Wood Man, a robot who uses harmful leaves to kill you and prevent you from attacking him, Metal Man, a robot who uses metal blades to kill you, Flash Man, who uses a device to stop you from moving for a period of time, and Crash Man (Clash Man for some of you), who uses some sort of explosives. There's your list of robots to stop.

Let's see. This is the first game to have a password feature. This is the first game to have Dr. Wily create his own robots. This is the first game to start the eight robot tradition. This is the first game to not keep track of score. Oh and this is the first and only game to have difficulty settings.

Fun - 8

You'd expect the challenge to keep its charm here, right? I wish. The level charm is still there (freaking Quick Man stage can and will tear you up), but not the robot masters. They're pretty much ridiculously easy, even if you didn't have the necessary weapon.

So, yeah, the touch is still there. You still have to defeat a boss and you find the next boss that carries the weakness of your new weapon. Nothing much has changed in terms of game play.

Life - 10

Despite the fact that the robot monsters are ridiculously easy, this is one of the most loveable games of the series. It has the password feature. This has the first batch of robot masters Wily has created. What else do you need?

Audio - 10

Do I hear good music? Yup. You have a great batch of songs. The chase towards Wily, Crash Man's theme, Air Man's theme, they're great. Oh and the tiny song you hear after you picked a robot master in the first game is here as well.

Control - 10

Five words can sumarize this category: "Capcom's old 'Rock Man' perfection".

Story - 10

Wily wants revenge. That's natural now, isn't it?

Art - 10

The art has improved. The new backgrounds look better. What I like the most is the improvement in the robot master selection screen. Wow!

Overall - 10

The "Rock Man" series has gotten better with the sequel. So, what are you waiting for? Play one of the best "Rock Man" games out there in "Rock Man II"!


Better art, the music, especially the keeping of the song of you seeing the next robot master you're going to face, the touch is better than ever.


The robot masters need to be more tricky.
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