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Name: SNK Gals' Fighters (10.00% in 1 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: Video
Company: SNK
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

Yes! One of a fighting game fanboys' dreams has finally came true! Well, sort of. You'll know why I said "Well, sort of," in a bit. No, I'm not talking about "insert a girl's name from a game, anime or manga here with the suffix of '-chan'" being a real girl. I'm talking about an all-girls fighting game. That dream is "SNK Gals' Fighters"!

"SNK Gals' Fighters" came out in 2000 for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color by SNK and Yumekobo. In the beginning, you start with Mai, Athena, Akari, Yuri, Nakoruru, Shiki, Leona, and Shermie. Later on, you will unlock Yuki who was in "The King of Fighters Kyou", Whip and Miss X. You're fighting for a talisman that will grant you any wish. Guess what? Miss X is obviously Iori. Yeah, that's corny, but oh well and adding on, this is why I said "Well, sort of," earlier on the dream scenario.

You say that it's your standard fighter? Think again! You collect items along the way such as a school uniform (in which I forgot their real name in Japanese) and they will disable your opponent's powerbar. You also have a tactic called Pretty Burst (which are done by pressing down twice along with both attack buttons) and they can do tasks like restoring health. Throw in a wild combo system, insane speed for a handheld fighting game, and some random insanity and you have a real amusing game.

I would have instantly said, "Reminder to Capcom: make a Capcom Gals' Fighters," but why do that? They already made a game where girls stood out in Quiz Nanairo Dreams. That's good enough for me.

Fun - 8

Let me say this: the game could have been way better, even though it is good enough already. The game could have easily added more characters like Rimururu, Mary, and Hibiki. Iori just killed the joy and it would have been more fun if Shermie was the boss instead. Other than that, I can't think of much else to complain about.

The game is pretty amusing. While it may not be serious, it still is a game to take note of. One of my dreams came some extent.

Life - 7

This is a questionable game to keep in the long run. There are not many modes to work with and you will unlock the secret characters faster than you will think. It still is fun though.

Story - 7

Gah! I would have bumped the score up to a perfect score if Iori wasn't in this game! Putting him in the game made the game well, corny! Oh well. I guess you can't have them all. I would have rather wanted Shermie as the final boss. At least you have stories of the other characters that seem interesting.

Control - 9

You know how you want a certain move to come out, but instead, you do another move? You will get that every now and then. Yeah, it is annoying, but it shouldn't bother you too much.

Audio - 10

Yeah, I know that the game could have used voices. Oh well. As for the music, you have your usual pop music and with the environment you're given, it fits rather well, don't you think? I like the amusement park theme as well as the beach's and some others.

Art - 10

I was about to deduct a point here, but let me tell you why I let the game barely slide. First off, while some of the backgrounds look great like the beach, they are not just as good as games of the past. I would have deducted a point here, but why didn't I?

One word will sum this up: effort. Sure, I love the random insanity. Sure, I love the presentation of the game as a whole. What impresses me the most is that unlike any fighting game out there, if a character loses a round with a DM or a PB, you will see three portraits of that character. Wow! If you don't call that effort, you have been consuming too much sake obviously.

Overall - 8

"SNK Gals' Fighters" is like gum. It starts out sweet, but as time goes by, it loses its flavor pretty quickly. You should still try the game out, since it is pretty fun.


Fun, flashy, fabulous, it's a females some degree.


Iori just made the game a bit corny and it's a questionable game to keep in the long run.
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