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Name: Chrono Trigger OVA (100.00% in 1 votes)
Platform: Video
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

I won't bother going into much detail with "Chrono Trigger - Time and Space Adventures: Nuumamonjaa". "Nuumamonjaa" is a Production IG OVA that lasts for 15 minutes and was released in 1996 or so. This was sold at a trade show and never released commercially. It basically is a promotion for the Super Famicom game and basically, it's about the monsters having fun at a fair. One of the groups is Nuumamonjaa that has Nuu and Mamo and no seems to be interested, but they have fun at the fair anyway. There are side characters as well, but if you observe carefully, you can catch Crono and the gang for a few seconds.

Art - 3

The characters look like themselves. I'll say that. The problem is that well, they're pretty basic and as a whole, the art itself is well, poor for mid-1990's standards. Maybe if the promotion came out a bit earlier, I would have boosted the score, but alas, it needs work.

Story - N/A

This is a promotion. Why would I look for some story here? Who even looks for story in a promotion?

Audio - 6

Well, it uses the video game music. I'll give the people credit for that. However, it feels quiet. Too quiet. I would have expected more music out of this insane short skit, but sadly, that's not the case. The voice actors are just there, though I did not notice that Miki Shinichirou-san played as Johnny until afterwards.

Fun - 4

Oh sure, I had a few laughs. Gonzales (Gatou in the Japanese version) is flat out funny. The pair has some funny moments here. I just wished that there could have been more fixing up here. This should have been a half-hour OVA so that this could develop more.

Life - 3

It's not a good keeper, but then again, I've seen worse.

Overall - 4

While I will admit that this short skit made me laugh, I can't say that it's good enough. There are just too many flaws here. It's good to watch if you want a quick and cheap laugh, but that's it.


It has its funny moments.


The art is poor and I know that this could be a better skit.
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