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Name: Waru!! Itazura (52.50% in 12 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Inter Heart
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Fans of Chikan can once again enjoy the fun of on-train "harassment." Waru!! Itazura, the sequence of Chikan, has finally come to the stores in Japan. Both, Chikan and Waru, are produced by a company named Inter Heart. Inter Heart had produced many H-games such as Onna, Chikan, and many others. Their ability to create outstanding drawings has made their games stand out. However, due to the plainness and simplicity of their gameplay, not too many people know about Inter Heart's products. In Waru, gameplay is improved over the previous games Inter Heart has released. However, don't expect an addictive gameplay like Alice's games, because you will simply not find it here.

The story behind Waru is that one day, while taking a train, you, Honda, met a girl named Amano. On the crowded train, she lifted up her cloth on her own initiative and allows you to touch her breast. At first, you are surprised by her action. However, you soon started to enjoy the "wicked play" as Amano unlocks the long forgotten "wicked play" inside you. Once again, you start to haunt lonely girls on the train as your target of the "wicked play."

The main objective of this game is to nail down some girls on a train for you own pleasure. Unlike the previous version, Chikan, Waru have four types of transportation: subway, fast train, regular train, and bus. Different girls will commune to their working area or school using the four different types of transportation. Also, unlike Chikan where you simply just find target on the train or the station, you will need to walk around the city to meet girls before you can play with the girls on the train. Another interesting point about the game is that you need to touch the girls on the train to turn them on. If you somehow touch the "wrong" part or went too fast, your game will simply be over. Each girl will have different tastes. Some are more sensitive to touch and some likes licking. (This kind of puzzled me for a while when I first play it. When I get to play with one of the girl, I didn't know at first why I have to click on the buttons so many times. Thinking that there's a bug in the game, I just blindly keep pressing the button till a dialogue pops out. Since I told you before hand now, don't worry that the game has bug when nothing seems to change when you press everywhere in the game. It's just that you have not done the right move to proceed to the next "level.")

Overall, the game is not too shabby to play with. Although you might find it boring to keep clicking, you will feel rewarded when you successfully turn "on" the girls. One thing that might made you to get all the girls is that there is a secret (13th) character that will appear after you get all the girls. Although I did not find this game to be too fun, the graphics and the music is one of the best I have ever experienced. This is definitely the one for people demand high quality of graphics and sound.


Graphics - 9/10 The graphics looks very beautiful and vivid. There are total of 13 girls in the game including the secret character and all of them looked very fine. In this game, it is recommended to use true-color to view it, so you can kind of imagine how good the graphics are.

Story - 5/10 The story is very simple. There aren't too much background about anything. This is just simply a plain H-game for your eye pleasure.

Gameplay-5.25/10 The game is in fact difficult to get the girls. First, you need to know the time intervals and the places to find the girls. Then, you need to know what the girls like. If you touch the wrong place, you might find a big buff security guy with a flying fist coming toward you. Although turning on the girls before proceeding on is an fresh and interesting idea, the constant clicking on the same spot can be boring. If the clicking part would be faster, everything would be perfect.

Music-8/10 The music is very nice to hear. One of the best BGM I have ever heard. The music at the map is one of the best, which proved to be a good strategy since that's the part you will be at for the most part. I was simply amaze at the music.

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