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Name: Pita Ten (100.00% in 1 votes)
Platform: Video
Company: Broccoli
Release date: 2002
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

I'll zip through this real quick. "Pita Ten" is short for Pita Tenshi or Clinging Angel. When you attach items, you will hear a noise that sounds like the word "Pita!" coming out. That's how you get your title.

"Pita Ten" is a 26 episode Donbo Koge-sensei series, brought to you by Broccoli. Higuchi Kotarou looks like some standard elementary school guy at first, but he has to be able to mature so quickly. His mother died and his father is always busy with work. So, Kotarou has to be himself and his mother. This includes being able to do various tasks like cooking. (His father is not the cook of the family and since the mother passed away, Kotarou does it.)

Somehow, a new person comes in the neighborhood. She looked like someone from out of this world. Anyway, her name is Misha and every single day, she would bother Kotarou with her spirit. She really is spirited. She would even bother Kotarou in school. What is going on here?

Art - 10

The art looks terrific. What else do I need to say? I think I said what I needed to say.

Story - 9

Get past a few bumps on the road and you have a good story.

Audio - 10

Anime fans, I want you to remember this name if you haven't done so by now: Tamura Yukari, the seiy of Misha. Up to this point, this has been her most well-known role. She will continue to get better and better. The music is your usual spirited music. There are no complaints here.

Fun - 9

All I can say is that if you can get past the fact that it will lose its focus from time to time, I don't see what else is wrong. It may not have much of a plot, but I don't think that it was supposed to in the first place. Sure, Misha really keeps on bothering Kotarou, but that's how it goes. Great characters, great comedy, great atmosphere, this is one great series indeed.

Life - 9

Oh, you'll keep this series for a while. Don't forget that.

Overall - 9

If you love Di Gi Charat, you'll love this. It's just about as funny as it and it has a story too. While it doesn't fully carry an angel's touch, it does carry so much fun within.


The characters and the comedy make this anime go.


It tends to lose focus from time to time.
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