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Name: Street Fighter II: World Warrior (100.00% in 1 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: Super Nintendo
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1991
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

This game needs no introduction. Oh, who cares? I'll give one anyways.

"Street Fighter II" first came out in 1991. Who would have thought that this game, the sequel to "Fighting Street"/"Street Fighter" in 1987 would change the fighting game world forever? It would go on to make four updated versions and a bootleg version later on.

In the first version of "SFII", you can only select one of eight people. There's Ryu, the man who is always looking for a challenge, Ken, Ryu's friend/rival, Chun-Li (Spring Beauty in Mandarin), the first lady in the fighting game world and a fan favorite, Guile, the soldier, E. Honda/Edmund for those who don't know what the E. stands for, the sumo wrestler, Zangief, the Russian wrestler, Blanka, a mysterious beast who resides in Brazil, and Dhalsim, the meditator from India. Later on, you would go on to face M. Bison - Jpn./Balrog - U.S., a mad boxer who would always break the rules in the ring and who happens to be Mike from the first game, Balrog Fabio La Salda/Vega, a Spaniard who always takes pride in his ninjitsu skills and his beauty, Sagat, the muy thai kickboxer who settled in Thailand and the former Street Fighter champion and finally there's Vega/M. Bison, the leader of Shadaloo, a crime organization. Beat Vega and you would get your ending.

Ever since the game was created, a lot did happen to the series itself. Of course, the name changes had to be made to prevent some sort of fiasco with Mike Tyson, a wild boxer himself. Originally, Ken didn't have a last name until Mattel brought out Street Fighter II figures. To prevent confusion between the two Kens, the Street Fighter Ken was given the last name Masters and it has been stuck ever since. Oh and don't forget the follow-ups, especially "Rainbow".

Art - 10

Sure, it looks old now, but if you think about it, that thought is thrown out of the window as you play the game. Besides, for a 1991 game, it looks wonderful. The backgrounds are some of the best ever. The fighters look spiffy. The game looks that good.

Story - 10

Stop an evil madman and get your ending. Not really deep, but who cares? It still gets a good score from me.

Audio - 10

Memorable themes + okay, though reused voice acting + spiffy sounds = another perfect score, this time seen in the audio section.

Control - 10

Two words: Capcom perfection.

Fun - 10

It's hardcore fighting at its best. What else do you need to know? I know the game could have used air blocking, but that's okay.

Life - 10

This is definitely a good game to keep in the long run.

Overall - 10

"Street Fighter II" changed the fighting game world forever. Oh and it did in a good way. That's all that you need to know.


It's a real big classic.


Unless you need air blocking, there are no flaws here.
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