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Name: Di Gi Charat (100.00% in 1 votes)
Platform: Video
Company: Broccoli
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Bata-kun

Gamers is a popular store in Japan. They carry various products ranging from video games to anime. There is also a Gamers store in Los Angeles, but that store is also known as Omocha's Box or its name was changed rather to Anime Gamers to keep the "Gamers" name going.

I bet you’re wondering, “What does Gamers have to do with 'Di Gi Charat'?” Simple. "Di Gi Charat" is actually an advertisement of Gamers.

To give more info about Gamers, Gamers was first introduced in 1996 at Tokyo. Since then, it went on to become one of the biggest stores in Japan. You wouldn't believe how much "Di Gi Charat" merchandise people bought since this appeared. Like I said, the store's so popular that one has appeared in Los Angeles. As of now, there are no plans of a store in the eastern part of the United States or elsewhere, although thoughts about it rose up.

"Di Gi Charat", a Broccoli and Madhouse series by Donbo Koge-sensei, came out on television in 1999 (and it was brought to you by TBS for those who never knew). The series has 16 episodes that are each three minutes long. Yes, you heard me. Each episode is only three minutes long. There are also two specials - one for spring and one for summer, and a movie as well as some other side stuff.

A group of aliens have crashed towards Earth to become big pop stars. There's Dejiko/Di Gi Charat, the really energetic upcoming star, Puchiko/Petit Charat, the small and adorable partner of Dejiko, and there's Gema, a yellow blob. These three usually have a habit of ending a sentence with a certain sound. Dejiko ends them with "-nyo", Puchiko ends them with "-nyu" and Gema ends them with "-gema".

Now that they are in Japan, you'd think they would be rich and famous easily, right? No. They would have to find a place to stay and of course, that needs money. So, they end up working at a Gamers store. From there on, insanity would hit time after time.

Believe me. There are plenty of facts to know about in this series. I have already covered facts about Gamers. One of the characters you will encounter early on is one named Rabi En Rose and she is a girl in a rabbit costume. The first part is that her name is actually a French pun. It roughly means "lovely behind the rose". Also, her real name is Usada Hikaru, even though she hates being called that. Obviously, her name has a Japanese pop reference and I'm sure you can guess on who that reference is.

What else is there? If you have seen this series by now, I'm sure you're wondering what's up with the various oval blobs. Well, what's the one part of a video game system that lets you control a character and certainly one of the most important parts of a video game system? The controller. What do you use to press on the directional pad and the buttons? Your thumbs! Get it now?

All I can say now is, "What a kawaii advertisement." That’s what it is: an advertisement. As an ad, it’s good. As an anime however, it lacks a special ingredient or two and I will explain why.

Art - 8

The art is pretty silly. I am saying this in a good way. The art matches the insanity of the series. The reason why I deducted a couple of points is because of the fact that the art loses its consistency at times.

Story - N/A

It’s an ad. You’re not going to find a dramatic story here. Look elsewhere if you want that element in your anime.

Audio - 10

The music is fine. The sound effects are fine as well. Seiyuu: Sanada Asami made her debut as Dejiko and she did pretty well in her first ever role. Some people will get tired of the “-nyo”, the “-nyu” and so forth, especially Kimura Takurou, but think about it. "Di Gi Charat" wouldn’t be "Di Gi Charat" if those sounds were not in.

Fun - 7

If you ever wonder what would an anime look like if you mix "Kodocha" with "Hello Kitty", here’s your answer. Well, like I said, it is kawaii and insane. You have your Gamers. You have your aliens. You have your otaku. You have Puchiko-chan, the queen of all that is kawaii who should run for prime minister of Japan and possibly president of a country like America or Mexico. What else should be added?

How about another ingredient besides insanity and cuteness? I would have at least expect the series to be consistent on its performance. It's a shame that I don't see this here.

Life - 7

It’s a series you will watch once in a while, but not on a consistent basis.

Overall - 7

There were rumors that this series will reach North American shores. Is it true or false that it will come to North America? Want to know what I think? If the Gamers in Los Angeles can get enough publicity and if talks do rise up, then the series can reach the shores. I don’t think that it should be dubbed because it would feel weird to dub a Japanese ad. That’s what I believe. If a dub does appear, I hope it’s as good as the original. To answer the first question, those thoughts are still hanging up in the air.

Well, I might as well give my last words before the summary. While "Di Gi Charat" is not a good anime, it is a fun one. I am also reading the "Di Gi Charat" doujinshi, or I was until the manga was brought to North America. So, if you are feeling down a bit or if you have viewed a depressing/serious series, "Di Gi Charat" is one series that will lift your spirits up.


Kawaii! That one word and “insane” describe this series well.


As an ad, it’s good, but as an anime, it’s in need of fixing a bit.
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