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Name: Daiundokai - Battle Athletess (57.14% in 7 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Japanese
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Battle Athletess (BA) is based on a famous non-H Anime in Japan under the same title. The time is late 4990's where technology is very advanced and body fitness plays an important role in everyday life. Every year in the solar system there is a Daiundokai - or Major Sports Event - where girls compete each other and the winner will claim the title "Cosmic Beauty." This title can be considered as most (if not all) girls' ultimate dream, but in order to participate in Daiundokai, you have to be a student in the United Systems Sports Academy (USSA), and therefore admission to this institution is very difficult and strict.

The Anime itself is based on our cute little heroine, Kanzaki Akari, and her life at the USSA where everyday she is confronted with different challenges. However, this game by TGL acts as a prequel to the Anime series where basically in half a year's time, you have to train our heroine Akari so that she gets admitted to USSA.

Personally I have never seen the Anime itself so I cannot comment on the contrast betwen the plots of the Anime and the game. Most of the characters from the Anime series appear in the game and Akari will meet them as you go along. Game-wise, you plan Akari's daily schedule where she can do pushups, run on the track field, do areobics or do very groovy hi-tech stuff such as simulated sandfield running.

BA is a very nice and cute game. The dialogues are very humorous...and I mean very humrous. Audio aspects are very nice...MIDIs are pretty nice and what's nicer is that even though my game is the Chinese verison, many of the dialogues is in original Japanese voices (I assume that the voice actors are the same as the ones who do the Anime as well). The graphics is pretty nice, the characters are very cute and sweet especially Akari. However, one comment on the graphics is that somehow they are trying to make a semi-H-game out of an non-H Anime. There are many pics which are very "tempting" and ecchi because they draw the picture in such an angle that, say, half of Akari's chest is exposed... ^^. I am not 100% sure if there is any ecchi-content in the Anime, but I just don't understand what the CG artists are trying to get at.

In the gameplay aspect, you just have to boost up Akari's stats and let her rest when she gets too fatique. As you go along in the game, more kinds of exercises will become available to you. However, not every exercise available is not necessarily good for Akari because she is physically too weak at this point. If you force her to do something she cannot handle, not only will her energy will drop to 0 immediately, but her stats will go down as well. You will just have to wait until Akari get stronger. Overall, not bad in gameplay except that it's kind of medicore at first, but later on the variety of exercises and the different (and humorous) dialogues that take place will make up for it.

Overall, BA is a very nice game. If you are a BA fan, you definitely would not want to miss this. Even if you are not a BA fan (like me, hell didn't know about the Anime until I have this game), you will find this type of bring-up simulation very different and unique than other traditional bring-up games.
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