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Name: Dynasty Warriors 3 (70.00% in 4 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: PS2
Company: Koei Japan
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: TenshiHimitsu

Well, Dynasty Warriors 3 is a completely fun game to play. Along with Elephants and more characters to choose from! From Three Kingdom to choose from, Shu, Wu and Wei. Also Dynasty Warriors 3 originated from the Novel "Three Kingdoms" you can read it if you want more information on the Story. And the cool thing that I thought about this is that Dynasty Warriors 3 lets you choose what dubbing you want, and I always choose Japanese but oh well.

Dynasty Warriors is basically a stragety and action game...or as people call it a Beat'em up game. You are a hero, and have to do these objectives before time runs out but sometimes don't worry about that because you have 90 mins but some are as short as 30 minutes.

Also, this game has a rock and roll kinda techno music, if you are into that then you'll like it! This is has it's fun elements in it, like beating the crap out of people by using your special attack and having bodyguards with weapons you can choose for them (I recommend that you don't choose bow or crossbow at the first time, it's will kill them fast).

And One thing that is good about this game that it's almost never ending, you have to do like 50 characters to finish the game and understand the story, also you have 3 difficutly level to choose from, easy, normal and hard. This game I recommend for all players.

Pros: Great music and graphics, along with game play, a fun and entertaining game to choose from!

Cons: Well, it gets annoying because your team mates will stay behind for 5 hours just to kill one little bastard. make sure that you kill that bastard and make them go on ahead of you so that you don't get killed in a ambush (unless if you're really strong and have a high defense)

Upcoming Games: Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends is out but a disapontment for Dynasty Warriors 3 because YOU NEED DW3 FOR SOME REASON!!! It's just a add on, I recommend that you don't get it, but what you and I really want is Dynasty Warriors 4, coming out in March of 2003! Go ahead and reserve your copy now!

Graphics: 4.5/5
Fun: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
Worthwhile: 4.5/5
Challenge: 5/5
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