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Name: Sumomo Hakusho ~Anata to Itsumade mo (50.00% in 4 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Desire
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Yang Sei Fu

"Sumomo Hakusho ~Anata to Itsumade mo" is one of the works of the Studio "Desire" in 1998. The game is mainly comprised of 2 main components, which makes up the title.

"Sumomo Hakusho (Plum Report)" is comprised of a Adventure game component (Similar to the To Heart interface), whereas the main character is in the Art Club (Pottery dept.) preparing for the upcoming Culture and Arts Festival for the school. During that time, he can attend to school life, and in the after-school hours, he has a choice of going to different places in the school and help out different girls. Of course dating them goes next...and endings are pretty much of the standard storyline.

"Anata to Itsumade mo (With you, all the time)" is a train-up game with 3 stats for the girl. A train-up game basically is a stat-manipulating game where programmed actions will cause her stats to fluctuate (and get a few more CG scenes, in this case, H-scenes or even hentai type scenes). This is, in a critical sense, nothing more than a time-spender with the objective to get every CG (e.g. screwing around with the selected girl in every orifice, *cough cough*).

There is not much to say for this game because this is one of the more "H/Hentai(yes, they are different)-scene based games", in which have shallow storylines. Here is the overview below:

Control -- 8/10. Fair enough to understand without a manual. Solid interface.

Music: Not evaluated.

Graphics -- 5.5/10. The BG looks fair enough. However the drawing method of the characters are a bit "American Comic" or "Doujinshi" style-based. In other words, the design of the characters are not exactly the type we find in our famous works, like from studios "Key" or "F&C".

Story -- 4/10. It's shallow. Need I say more?

Language Difficulty -- 4.5/10. Colloquial Japanese. If you study around 1 year of Japanese or understand those anime episodes on TV and able to read a basic mix of Kanji and Kana, you'll live through the game. Nothing challenging.

Overall -- 6.5/10. It's an old run-of-the-mill H-game/w. hentai (perverted) scenes. Need I say more?
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