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Name: Viper Limited Edition (55.79% in 19 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Hobibox Europe
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Gastalt

A fan CD-ROM for Viper and Sogna fans overseas!

Game Play / System:
The only game play in the CD is in the Mini side shooter that's called Viper STG.
It's not a bad little game, though the screen is so small, that if your eyes aren't that good your gonna have a tough time seeing. It's four levels long and you play as Carrera from Viper GTS.
The game has keyboard controls and some low quality music tracks in au format.
Maybe it was a mistake but the Viper STG seems to be copied to this CD twice ^_^;;

This is what you will mainly be looking at for the remainder of the CD-ROM.
There is tons of images on this CD with art from Viper 16, CTR, M5, M1 and some
from the various Viper Digital Museum volumes. Most of the images are in thumbnail and large BMP format with the original rough and cleaned sketch work.
If you are after this CD for its uncensored images you will be pretty disappointed.
There is a total of 18 images most which are badly redrawn and pretty small.
They consist of a mixture of images from Viper M1, 16 and GTB and some older series.
I did see some very nice works that I'd never seen before on the disc however.

Other Game Features:
Some other omake stuff was included:

Demo of Alchemic Girl (Which I couldn't get to run ^_^;)
Demo Movie of Viper M1
Demo Movie of Viper Gokuraku
Game comes with a mini two sided poster of the Viper 16 girls. Very nice.
Extra Images from Love Love Show (one poster image) and Phantom of Inferno.
Some hilarious viper Screen savers (about 8 of em). Some moved too fast and their is no
config to change the speed ^_^;

If you are a REALLY big Viper fan or new to the Viper series, you will like adding this CD to your collection. Most fans will be disappointed and if you have managed to get all Viper Digital Museum Collections, don't bother. It's nothing in comparison to an original Japanese Fan CD-ROM game. It's pretty much only worth the $14 I paid for it.
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