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Name: Nyan Nyan Parasol (90.00% in 3 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Shisui House
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Gastalt

A really cute action game by Shisui House.

A cute Nekomimi girl meets up with a magical fairy while she's out in the forest on a picnic.
Of course, there's some kind of problem in the forest, so she is asked to help get rid of the baddies that are lurking there.
That's basically the story...

Game Play/System:
There are five levels that you can explore which have 10 sub levels each.
The five levels are simply different seasonal settings; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter...the last level is the only exception, which is called the Holy Forest.
Our cute neko girl will use the magical Parasol that is given to her by the fairy in order to turn enemies into yummy food and
help her float down or up in certain levels. After she has destroyed all of the baddies the level will end and she will be rewarded with lots of bonus foods(to gain points). Sometimes a large cake will fall from the sky to give maximum bonus points.(for extra lives)
The game is for one player only and works with a gamepad(thank goodness). There is no real true way to save your game, but after you clear the level, the system will remember which one. After that you can go to the start menu (The main menu also contains credits to the artists, music composers, programers and a pictorial help file) and claim your prize.
These prizes will appear in a folder on your PC and consist of Nekomimi screen savers and other cute things for the desktop.

I guess I hadnt encountered the time limit end, but there is one. One night I listened to the CDDA tracks and near the end they get progressivly faster. So I ran the game and waited, and as soon as the CD track ends (most are about 2:00 mins long) she dies and you have to play the stage over ^_^; Though it's not very complicated puzzle wise, the enemies can be very tricky. Also, there are many spike, moving floor and water traps to harm the lil neko. So far the game has shown no glitches for my OS (and runs fine in English Windows) and Shisui has added a patch for Windows 2000 users.

What can I say? I'm a hopeless Nekomimi fan and these CG are just adorable!!!
The sprite characters are very clear, well done for a Doujin game!(even the enemies are cute and silly) Background art is also pretty good...just different color leaves and surroundings to go with the season.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
All music is CDDA format(another one up for this circle) and is fit for this type of game.Sounds are clear, mainly sounds of the characters getting blasted.(lol)
They also added a small amount of cute voice acting by the fairy and the neko girl during the game("Nya!!").

I'd recommend this game for action game fans and especially for those who love Nekomimi characters.
If you want a fun and easy game to play(with no Japanese knowledge needed) try it!!
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