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Name: Prism Box With Pretty Fiancee? (41.43% in 7 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Pajamas Soft
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: Gastalt

Another really cute release by Pajamas Soft.
This is one of the common "Fan Discs" for Prism Heart Fans.

Game play/System:
Since this is a Fan Box type of game, there are several mini games included;
Prism Heart scenario, where you read a story involving the main character,Princea and her little brother(he so cute!!)
They both have that thing with the hair! If you've played Prism Heart you'll know.(must run in the family lol).
This scenario has a few H scenes and normal CG in it, and lasts about one 1 hr then its over.
Jara Jara Heart is a strip Mahjong game. As you win rounds, your points are added up and you can remove
block from the girls CG up to your total point amount to see the full image. If you don't have enough points to see the
full image its game over...
Prism Heart Quiz has 4 Stages in which characters from the game ask about 20 questions in each
stage, the reactions are pretty funny when you get the question right. ^_^; The prize for winning is a very funny fan drawn version of the opening for Prism Heart.
An extra ADV game called Pretty Fiancee looks to be about a guy meeting two girls; an innocent Miko and a Witch. You will have to pick one or both of the girls...
Along with the mini games are Wallpapers, Pajamas Soft Staff info and images, Windows Voice Data,
Character clocks, and a Princea Fish Screen Saver ^_^;
With the limited Edition you get a copy of the Pretty Fiancee Soundtrack.

Overall the art is really great as usual, The Pretty Fiancee works aren't my fave, but they still are nicely drawn. I think they could have used more of Tetsuya's( I wouldn't mind having the box cover
image as wallpaper ^_^) and other pro artist's for the wallpapers rather than amateur art.
I guess Pajamas Soft wanted fan participation in this project being that it is a fan game.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
The music, Sound and voice acting were all pretty much the same level as Prism Heart.
Only difference is that there are no Male Voice data.

This wasn't a bad buy since I'm a big Tetsuya fan but it will only keep my attention for a short while.
If you are a Fan Box collector or just like little mini games and stuff this is a good game to pick up.
If you want more game play and more art by Tetsuya grab Prism Heart!
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