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Name: Dance Dance Revolution (95.00% in 4 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: PSX
Company: Konami
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: Scream

The localization of Dance Dance Revolution for the American PlayStation was much anticipated. In the past, Dance Dance Revolution has dominated arcades and various console systems in Japan. But, recently, Dance Dance Revolution has begun to appear in certain arcades across the United States, primarily in cities in California and in New York City. Now, thanks to the wonderful folks at Konami, Dance Dance Revolution is finally here for the US PlayStation, so we can now play, or practice, in the comfort and privacy of our homes.

This review will primarily focus on the good, the bad, and, if applicable, the ugly of the domestic version of Dance Dance Revolution.

The very appearance of Dance Dance Revolution in the United States sums up the good aspect. A game, much desired, is finally here for our enjoyment. But, in more detail, the domestic version is well translated and presented. The game consists of various modes of entertainment: the game, or arcade, mode; the lesson mode, which teaches the basics of the game; the training mode, which allows players to practice individual songs; and the workout mode, which allows players to burn off unwanted calories through dancing. My favorite aspect of the game is the four-song, nonstop action found in the game mode. It keeps you going, and it will definitely give you a good workout.

The only bad thing about the domestic version of Dance Dance Revolution is the difficulty level of the songs. The majority of the songs are very, very difficult. It seems that Konami did not balance out the game between easy songs and hard songs. There are more hard songs than there are easy songs. Therefore, I would definitely not recommend this game for beginners because there are probably two or three easy songs available for them, which does not provide a good learning curve. However, I would definitely recommend this game for the intermediate and the advanced. This game is definitely good for the professional Dance Dance Revolution player.

Well, there is really nothing ugly about this game, except trying to play the game on the analog controller. It seems strange using your fingers to dance and even stranger burning off calories using your fingers unless your fingers need the exercise. Regardless, you definitely need the special dancing mat to play this game and to fully enjoy the experience of Dance Dance Revolution.
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