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Name: Lunar 2 Eternal Blue (82.00% in 15 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Working Designs
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: DarkWhisper

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete from the company GAME ARTS like Lunar Silver Star Story Complete is the 32-bit incarnation of the sequel to Lunar The Silver Star which started out for the SEGA CD too. After Sega CD the game was redone for the Sega Saturn and in turn for the Playstation which
seems to be the best one. The game spans 3 game disc that is packed with anime FMV like the first game and better story. Like Lunar:SSSC the sequel has also had changes since the jump to the 32-bit systems. Although mostly some are in the graphics including the FMVs and others some alterations in the story.

Now for the story ... Over a thousand years have passed since the events in Lunar Silver Star Story and the details about that conflict were lost. But, ancient writings are scattered in the ruins around Lunar and about Lunar's mysterious past. A boy named Hiro is fascinated by these stories. He lives with his grandfather Gwyn, an archaeologist and his longtime friend Ruby who claims to be an offspring of a dragon. Hiro is fascinated by the story Gwyn tells of the time when Althena lived in human form, a dragonmaster named Alex who controlled the Four Dragons and a magic city that flew. These stories seemed fairy tales to some but to Hiro they seem just as
real. When Hiro, Ruby and Gwyn journeys toward the Blue Spire after a blue light emaneted from the spire, they encounter Lucia who claims to have come from the Blue Star and seeks Althena. Before they could leave the spire with Lucia an evil entity called Zophar curses Lucia and locks her powers. The journey to help Lucia find Althena, to learn the secrets of Lunar and to help save Lunar from Zophar begins.

The game has some major improvements over Lunar Silver Star Story. The anime cutscenes are much clearer and is now full screen unlike the first game. Lunar 2 has improved graphics although not as impressive as other rpgs. Like before the music is good but not great. Battle system is still the same so no random battles. Another change is that people who level doesn't have to worry
about bosses that level up too because now they have a preset stats but still are challenging. The game like the first one is packed with memorable characters like Hiro, Ruby, Lucia, Ronfar, Lemina, Jean, and more. Lunar 2 like Lunar has some secrets although not as hard to find as the first game. I have to say the game is still impressive for a game that started out for the SEGA

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete is translated in english and published by Working Designs. The game is packaged in a small box with cool Omake stuff included. The 3 game cd, Making of Lunar 2 cd, Lunar 2 music cd, a replica pendant of Lucia, a paper map of Lunar, leatherette artbook/manual and mini characters standees. COOL!!! Also a Ghaleon puppet from Lunar is given when you

Overall the game is fun to play that will keep you busy like the first game. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes console rps and doesn't much care about dated graphics.

If you have questions or suggestions email me at

DarkWhisper ^_^
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