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Name: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (88.75% in 8 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Working Designs
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: DarkWhisper

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete is developed by a company called Game Arts. The game has had many revisions which started out for the Sega CD and was called Lunar: The Silver Star , Sega Saturn and finally for the Playstation. It seems that the playstation version is the best of all
the incarnations. When the game was published it was a name not many knew like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. After awhile it became a title that gamers recognized and had since gained fan followings.

This version of Lunar is the 32-bit incarnation which started out on the Sega Saturn. The game has come a long way since the Sega CD version some alterations has been done to improve the game. The games graphics has been completely reworked and the anime FMV's have totally been improved.
The voice overs are still above average and the story has been altered a bit but not so much thatit is so different from the first version. The music while not as impressive as those found in other rpgs is still pleasant to the ears. And now...the review...

The game while not as impressive as other playstation games is still pretty good. It is a game I enjoyed playing still after 40+ hours. The game gives you characters that are memorable and a story that will keep you interested for hours. The story revolves around a young man named Alex with Nall that looks like a flying cat and an orphan girl named Luna. Alex dreams of going on
fantastic adventures with his friends like DragonMaster Dyne. Dyne who is one of the four heroes of legend from a long time ago who fought an evil force in Lunar. One day after Alex visits Dyne's memorial his friend Ramus asks him to join him to get a dragon diamond in a cave near Burg which were they lived. After Alex, Luna, Nall and Ramus go there and acquire the diamond, they meet Quark the white dragon and learns that to become a dragonmaster Alex must pass
all of the dragons trials. Their adventure has just began which will test them and let them meet new friends, foes and the Magic Emperor an evil force that wants to change Lunar forever. Are you ready for LUNAR?

During the course of the game anime cutscenes will be used to move the story along also like any rpg every character can level up to learn new attacks and magic. The other thing that must be noted is to people who like to level up their characters to defeat enemy bosses easier might have a harder time in this game. Since every time Alex the main character's stats level up the
bosses also level up but is multiplied like triple the main character which adds more challenge to the game. In battles you can have the AI fight for you although the characters tend to diefaster this way, so i recommend issuing commands manually. Throughout the game you will find secrets like bromides, items, weapons, and sorts. The story is pretty linear so it isn't easy
getting lost like in Final Fantasy games and there are no random battles on the world map. One other cool feature in the game is you can see your enemy moving like your characters and battlesonly occur when the enemy or you move towards them. No more randome battles!!!! After you finish
the game you will the chance to see all the FMV you've seen in the game although there is a few cutscenes that are not so apparent.

This game is published and translated by Working Designs which included cool extras like Making of the Lunar CD, cloth map of Lunar, and a music cd of the game. The game is also packaged in a box and also includes a leatherette hardbound artbook/instruction manual. Another thing is the bonus game you unlock when you have Making of the Lunar CD running...figure it out yourself
COOL...^_^... eh

Overall the game is fun to play that will keep you busy for hours and keep you glued to the screen.

Also a PC version is probably going to be released in the future and the cloth map smells weird. @_@...if you any questions or suggestions email me at

DarkWhisper ^_^
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