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Name: Canvas - Sepiaironomochi Fu (95.71% in 7 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: F&C
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

This trip to asia surely was alot to gain and almost nothing to lose(except I had to sit in middle of alot of people and crying babies. Very bad experience. Try best to avoid getting stuck on cross atlantic flights)
Well In this trip I had a total of 15+11hours to kill. Ofcourse now that a laptop was readily avalible in your supermarket, I bought one of this magic box with me. At installing this new game by F&C Canvas, I suddenly realized that I was
in the middle of cold-war. Everyone around me was looking at me. It certantly made me, really happy since I will be showing off J-games to this people.

The installation was pretty standard. Just point and click not alot of guess work and wondering where is the ICON at(Its in that EFUENDOSHI folder btw(a black coffee is now avalible near my black box))
Immediately after a few sip of this potion I jumpped into whats left of now, 13 hour of J-gaming. And then...

After about only 3.5 hours the first ending was reached... Seems that I have failed...

Story About Canvas 8/10
Well not to be too critical on _pointing_ out that there are N J-games based in highschool. Other than that this is just another game _based_ in High School. The main character is currently a "high GPA/Standard" student at the high school. It happens that your mom passed away while you were little.
And your dad is nowhere to be found. While living this lonely life you are accompanied by your osananajimi(your childhood friend). After afew word of exchange I have determined that your osananajimi is crazy about you. Except you don't know about it cause somehow you always misses the hint.
Don't be discouraged there is always more chance. And to the school you went. One day the school calls you to have a little chat because you ain't making enough progress and they want to take your 'status' away. Well feeling not a threat at all you decided to go counter school and ignore their request
of a painting. BTW you are a painter. Thats why the game is called Canvas.

After a while more and more girls starts to come in to the picture and soon or later you gain even a sister. Pretty surprising that sister might end up as a girlfriend(don't worry you 2 aren't related in blood.) Every girl will get you a different ending. How to get there is your choice. After you unlock a character there will be special characters appearing next time. Happy gamings.
So how did I kick the bucket on my 1st, 2nd, 3rd... and 5th try on this game? Read on.

Game Console 9.5/10
Be really careful of this game because its really picky. Most of previous games had a scoring system of where if the character you are going after, has a point of around 75% or more happy ending will be achived. But with Canvas has a scoring system soo strict. That getting anything less than about 95% will garantee you a bad ending. Get ready to try many many times.
The 9.5 were given because this is the first time that I have encoutered a game soo hard to beat. Everything else is just F&C style.

Voice&Sound 8/10
F&C always do good jobs in dealing with voice system. As seen back in natural series main character name is often replaced with preset names or with occupational names. In Canvas the name is avoided but there isn't the ugly pause when the name is missing. The VA did a very good job of making it smooth. Only thing is that the game kept on freezing on my when BGM-GM mode is on. A bug maybe.

Graphic 9/10
Very nice drawings. Well done. J-game style. Nice opening and ending aswell.

Overall 9/10
Well I am truely amazed at the strict level of this game. Recommended to F&C fans.
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