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Name: Maid on the Desktop Vol 1~4 (64.29% in 7 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: HexaSoft
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Gastalt

I recently purchased all of the remaining volumes of Maid on the Desktop Season 1, and I must say I'm very impressed with the advancements in this project.

There really isn't a story to these themes. Each volume is focused on one
of the maid servants: Meifang, Cindy, Agnes, and Miri. All themes were produced between 1997-2000.
They all have different types of personalities and voice actresses.

Game play/System:
Each theme has a Control Panel from which you can, Install the themes, listen to the intro of the Voice actress, use applications and view a slide show of wallpaper
Meifang's theme was the first created for season 1, so she has only the basic accessories like; cursors, screen savers,
logo screens, calculator, clock, calendar etc...
Cindy has the same functions but with a chibi screen mate of her that walks around your desktop. From here you can get her to open applications and setup
Agnes has more of these functions and the package contained 2 CDs.
Miri is the fourth theme that's the most impressive so far. She has all of the functions of the previous Maids, along with:
Email Checker/Composer, Address Book and Appointment reminder. There's also a Kiss Doll like application to change her clothing.

The company HexaSoft rallied several talented artists along with the main artist.
Talents such as: Ryo Ramiya, Maruto, Ohno Tetsuya, Hideto Ami, and the artist of the pc bishoujo game Gloria, by C's Ware.
All of the art works are beautiful...this makes it a bit hard to decide which wallpaper to use ^_^;
The CGs are pictures centered around cute maid girls at work, slacking off and just being clumsy! ^_^
Art for the applications are mainly in SD format. Also, the limited editions of these products give you; small lami cards and postcards.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
The music is composed well and reminds me of music that would be played while maids are at work ^_^
My favorite is still Meifangs theme.
All music is in midi format.
Voice acting for the maids are done by different actresses and they all have done a great job of bringing out the character's personalities.
The CDs contain 1~4 tracks of the voice actress introducing herself, there's also a function where you can see a picture of her holding her character's poster.

So far this is one of the best Desktop Themes I've come across!
If you like Maid girls, and being up to your neck in accessories, get these themes!!
There is no adult content in the Maid on the desktop project, so its good for anyone who loves anime!!
Upcoming Events:
Season 2 of Maid on the Desktop will release
Heidelotte von Liliencron in the Spring: April 2001!
Also a Love ADV game featuring the maids...the release date hasn't been announced yet.
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