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Name: Cos Play (10.00% in 2 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Ice
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Xser

Cosplay is a small Japanese mahjong game produced by ICE. I have never heard of the ICE Company and this is the only game I have that is made by ICE. Perhaps ICE is a relatively new company and this probably explains why this game isn't that good.

Story: None -- This game has two mode of play: story mode and verse mode. In the story mode, you get to choose one of the eight females and use her to play mahjong with the rest of the girls. With every win, you get to see a hentai scene. In the verse mode, you basically pick one of the eight same girls to play and see a hentai scene when you win. By the way, a win is achieved either through three game win or winning all of the opponent's money.

Gameplay: 2/10 -- This game follows the Japanese style of mahjong and you play against one opponent instead of the traditional three. Although the gamplay for this game is basically the same as all mahjong games, I find one thing that annoys me. Whenever you can take in the opponent's tile, the game will pop up an option asking you whether to take it or not. Personally, I hate this kind of setup (occurs in many other mahjong game too) because it not only slow down the game but also gives the player an advantage. In addition, the game allows for some special skill like "changing tiles." I don't know how this function works as I don't know Japanese. But I know it exist because I did it accidentally a few time. You have to explore that on your own.

Sounds: 2/10 -- The music for this game is ordinary. However, when you are in "e-chi" or waiting for the last tile to win, the music changes and the tempo gets faster. I think it is cute since it somewhat excites the player.

Graphics: 1/10 -- As for the graphics, it is poor in both quality and quantity. As you can see, the pictures are plain and on top of that, there is only one picture for each player. This limits the game to 16 bad hentai pictures.

Overall: 1/10 -- Very bad game. Not one aspect of this game is worth playing.
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