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Name: Zero Shiki (Zero Type) (51.43% in 14 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: HnN

An interesting maze adventure game with robots. You play the part of Akane, a cutesey girl who was given a robot named Zero by your father. You can customize Zero with various different weapons and equipment and send him in to explore a maze filled with automated robots as well as dealing with eight other rivals.

Story: 13/20
You are Akane, a cutesey girl with a robot given to you by your father named Zero, and together with your sister and seven other rivals (most of whom are females) you are sent into some sort of competition in an underground maze which is populated by apparently semi-intelligent machines called "Goa" which has apparently took over the place and started building themselves, sortof like in "Screamers". I think you are also looking for your father, who may be trapped in the maze. Through the maze, you look for information data, weapon caches, and try to exterminate the Goa hives which are cranking out the robots.

H Content: 7/20
The amount of H scenes in purportion to the length of the game is incredibly small. This is definitely a game which stresses gameplay over H. The little H that does exist however, are fairly detailed and explicit and does take some time.

Graphics: 17/20
Good graphics with high resolution (when played in a window) and decent size (the window took up about 1/2 my screen on my 17" monitor running at 1024X768) and excellent color tones.

Gameplay: 18/20
This game is a contest. You're competing versus eight other people, including your sister. You obtain points for killing Goa machines and for finding special containers which contain information. You automatically start off with your robot Zero, and five weapon points. Each weapon takes different amount of weapon points. You can allocate two shoulder weapons, two hand weapons, and five auxillary equipment bays for special equipments. Weapon points can also be obtained from the same containers you find in the maze. Note, this is a VERY long game. The maze is atleast 10 levels deep and if you want to COMPLETELY explore each one it'll take you atleast three or four hours of game play for each level. In the maze, in addition to looking for the secret containers, you should also seek out and destroy Goa machine nests, which are usually guarded by a large number of robots. Destroying a nest would give you a bunch of experience (you also gain experience through normal combat). Experience can be used to boost your character's stats. There are a number of important stats including all combat skills, such as melee, missile weapon, laser weapon, etc.. It takes increasingly more experience point to elevate higher levels, but these are essential. You automatically start off with 10% on each combat skill. If you increase, say, your missile weapon skill to 20%, all missile weapons you use would do double the amount of damage you use to do. There is only one stat, speed, which you can only increase by a certain amount at a time. If you find that you have enough experience point to raise it but it won't let you raise your speed, it means you have to raise another skill first. Speed is incredibly important as it depends on who goes first in a battle (which can dramatically alter how you do). Finally, you can't explore the maze 24 hours straight. You have a finite amount of energy, and it takes energy to shoot a weapon, and even just to move. So you can only go so far each day. Oh, try avoid getting your robot's HP reduced to zero, if it does, you won't die, but an emergency team would come in and get you out automatically, unfortunately you will also loose a large amount of points. Its ok if you run out of ENERGY. You can summon the emergency team and you don't loose any points. All your energy and ammo would be replenished at the end of the day, as well as HP. You have an automap feature which shows you where you've been. Even more important, you have a motion sensor which shows where all your enemies are on the map, even if you havn't explored the area yet.

One last thing, and this is a gripe about this game. There is a time limit of 21 days to complete your mission. I didn't know this and just took my time exploring every inch of the maze, and I found myself running out of time at the 9th level. I had to reload an older game. So don't take too long.

Extras: 6/10
Picture gallery of all the pictures you've seen and music gallery for all the music if you can get it.

Rating: 67%
I really enjoy strategy games where you can customize your character and your unit and this is a wonderfully refreshing game which is quite original. There is a lack of H scenes, so if you play these games just for that you're gonna be disappointed.

This game is incredibly long and quite difficult. I had to restart three times cause I found that my robot wasn't good enough. Hint: always save up weapon points and buy a large fuel tank, without it, you won't make it very far each day. Another hint, no matter how high your weapon skill is, there exist four types of barriers which would completely neutralize four types of attacks, lasers, beam weapons, missiles (not homing missiles) and blasters. If you rely on one of these type of weapon and your enemy puts up a barrier, forget it, you're not gonna be able to kill it. But rarely does an enemy have more than one type of barrier. So diversifying your weapon is a good idea. There are only three types of weapons I found that can not be stopped by barriers, physical melee attacks (which requires you to "get close" every combat round (and uses 9 movement points as well as 6 energy points) before you can use it), bullet based weapons such as vulcans, and homing missiles, which doesn't get stopped by phalanx like regular missiles do.
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