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Name: Memories off Complete (80.00% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Company: Kindle Imagine Develop (KID)
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

** Actually There isn't a PC version sorry for the confusion. Memories Off is not related to memories natsuironokeiyouku. (gubaba)

I deided to actually finish the DC version of Memories off. Eventhou I have a copy of JWIN version on hand. There isn't much of a difference between the PC and DC version. DC version had all the H part cut out. Just like Kanon DC. Except Kanon DC voice was addon/improvement over Kanon PC version. Lets all cross our fingers on AIR, hope it ends up like Kanon with VOICE on DC. Memories on the other hand had voice both on PC and DC. After spending about 6 hours on it I was able to come to a conclution on this game.

Story line 8/10
The title would have given a little hint to what the story will be like. Memories off, sounds like someone either don't want to remember something or unable to do so. The main character happens to be in a nameless-town at a nameless-highschool surrounded by cute girls. Pretty tipical. The game started with aya asking you out. But then in the process the scene is interrupted and you find yourself on the train with Yue... So what happened there? As story go deeper more and more memory surface. Your interaction with thoes around you will result in different scene that you see. But they will all end up pretty much the same. You and whichever girl you chose end up together(unless you totally screw up in the game).

One interesting point of this story is that towards the end some story point takes it to the extreme. Ever had the feeling of a watching a REALLY bad TV program but you JUST want to know what happens afterwards? This might be the case. The storyline has the player on frustration 90% of the time around the endings. Basically, you as the player know EVERYTHING about the main character but the main character knows nothing about himself. And on top of that he keeps on doing REALLY stupid things. It was such a stress to play the ending part.

Voice/Sound 8/10
Pretty standard industry practice. The ending song is really nice also. Yue's VA doesn't sound that experienced thou.

Graphic 8/10
Not graphics to die for but certainly noteworthy.

Console NA
Nothing to pick on. It works.

Overall 8/10
This game is quite entertaining for thoes who got nothing else to play on DC. If you already played Kanon then grab this. This is the version that is suitable for all the family.
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