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Name: BabyFace (79.57% in 23 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: ImageCraft
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Orochi

This is something I've stumbled upon by accident again,I was just browsing through some of the box arts for the game released this year when I noticed the box art for this one."1000 Frames of Animations !","Theme Song done by I've !".Sounds good enough so I decided to buy and try it.

Not much of a story actually.
The hero here is a loser guy (who resembles the infamous Isaku) who flunked entry exam to enter University for the 3rd Year going.He is not the "In" kind of person and does not know what's fashionable or not.His every attempts to search for a female companion ended up with the female party calling him "Sai Tei !","Hentai !" etc...Being such a loser,he decided to commit suicide one summer,but he is not satisfied with going without enjoying the ultimate life experience in life,that is "Encounter With The Female Kind !" And he is going to do it the crooked way,by being a tutor to young females,gaining the trust of his students and finally....

What you got here in this game is 8 5-Days Weeks in which each day consist of Morning and Afternoon.During the Fridays of each weeks,you have to plan the scehduel to visit your student.You then increase your trust with her,then.....

After your little "sessions" with the student,you have to plan your scheduel carefully in which you visit the the students in which the parents are not at home so that you can have more extra "sessions" with the students.

While not having "sessions" with the students,what you basically can do is doing stuffs to increase certain aspect of your character,watch TV or go vist the bulletin board of your Uni to get more students.

12 BGMs in Soundtrack,most of them are of the Techno/Rock Genre,some of them are quite catchy in fact,this is one of the better soundtrack I've heard this year.By the way,the theme song "Two Face" is done by I've,the group who is responsible for theme songs for many other games,some of their works include "Last Regrets" (Kanon),"Glass No Tsuki" (Dawn*Slave series) and "Tori No Uta" (AIR),so you can expect it to be good.

Voie-wise,this game is full voiced for the female charas,and I tell you those are sweet.

The art is your standard 16-bit CGs.But what make this game standout is the excellent animations scene.(The box did boast of having over 1000 frames of animations in the game.) What make those animations differ from the famous Viper Series are the way they are coloured here.For me the Viper Series seems that they are coloured in 16-Colours,but in this game,the frames of the animations seems to be in 256-colours instead,but I can tell that both are actually 16-colours,careful job of applying colours I guess.And by the way,the gallery room of this game (which you are suppose to get after end-game) will not appear unless you get the secret chara for this game,just a note by me.

From the title,you can roughly guess that there are loli elements mix into this one and since the main chara want to do it the crooked way,that make this game a Kichiku-loli game in the genre,so therefore those who are not into this kind of thing or have a high tolerance level,stay away from this one.

Great looking game with top-notch animations and a good soundtrack to boot.But it's not for everyone as the morale values in this game leaves much to be desired.

Recommended For
Lolicons and people have a high tolerance level and want to see a different kind of animations in the genre from those of Viper Series.
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