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Name: 3x3 Eyes 2 (63.95% in 38 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Create / Unalis
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Tabris

There is no doubt that one of the oldest AVG series and a popular comic series now have a new game out for Chinese Windows. This series have been released in so many different home systems such as PC-Engine, Super Nintendo, Playstation and also many series in Personal Computer.

This game is really interesting in that the game itself is a comic book. Many people who read the comic book would not find their adventures on book. Thus this is one of their selling points, originality of story. The game is done by the original artist themselves and they have created a whole new story, new characters, and even designed some parts of the pictures in the game. This game also brings out a lot of what other AVG games are missing. In this game, there are sound clips of characters' voice at the moment, motion video clips on the many different attacks and other commands in the game, and a terrific blend of music and voice in the background.

As many of the anime readers will know, one of the two main characters' friends opens an agency. This is how the game starts. You quickly learn of a mystery in one of the villages in China. Many of the people are thinking about are trying to live forever. They get tricked into eating the forbidden fruit and all of the villagers disappeared. While all this is going on, another mystery starts in Taiwan where a building built on the best place in Taiwan, turns into a deserted place in one night. Many more mysteries await the gamer in the quest to save the world from monsters.

The graphics in the game is superb. I have never seen such good graphics in AVG games for Windows before. The graphics are very similar to the anime itself and many times you have to wonder how they managed to get their AVG game so good. This game is released previously on Playstation before and that game is in two different CDs (one of the first two CD games for Playstation). Yet, most of the graphics is preserved into this Chinese Windows game as well (all except the movie screens which can only be done on Playstation). The only fault I find is that even though the game is translated into Chinese by Unalis, the sound clips of people's conversation is still in Japanese. Overall, the game is really good and that if you played the first 3x3eyes released in Dos version, you will see many changes in the game that is to the gamers advantage ^_^.
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