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Name: Revenge
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: XYZ
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Gastalt

The main character Ryo seeks training from the beautiful Miyu to become an assasin, in order to get revenge on the criminal syndicate that is responsible for the murder of his younger sister. He will also need to take some of the female members of the syndicate hostage...

Story: 50%
The story is pretty much what is stated above. Its a typical story of Vengance and Murder, along with some added hentai pics.

H Content: 100%
The H-Graphics in this game are very well-done. Most of them include bondage of some sort, not really hard-core stuff, but some may be botherd by seeing the little girls all tied up. Most of the women are older looking though, nothing like To Heart.

Graphics: 100%
I wouldn't mind if the game was non-H, most SLGs could pass as non hentai. This company uses a very heavy blue color on some of their CG, I love blue! The characters are well drawn, not to mention all of the girls are very beautiful! I really enjoyed the graphics!

Gameplay: 100%
The game play consists of the average SLG elements, Ryo has different tasks that you can have him perform in order to make him a better assasin, such as; Lifting weights, Jogging, Meditation, Firing Practice, Disabling Bombs, Taking down notes, and Filing. The save load function is included in this.

There are also added bonus activities for him to do, he can go on dates and talk with some of the girls he meets or with Miyu. He also has the option to torture his female victims as he captures them on his missions. (call me cruel, but this is my favorite part)! There is also a sleep option because his daily chores can sometimes backfire and take down his HP (very comical).

The missions are the action part of the game(my second fave) you get to select the gun type he uses. The missions are kinda like Zelda, you walk around and capture and kill the members of the syndicate. This part of the game can be very hard if the speed is high, there is no set speed for the game, it just depends on how much memory you have.

The game has multiple endings that are based on Ryo's training, and what girl he spends the most time with. I give it a perfect score, it has alot of thing for you to do, trust me you will not be bored.

Sound: 100%
There is no music for the game, but it seems better off without music to me. There are sounds in the game, such as; gun sounds, running and screaming etc; mostly during the missions.

Rating: 80%
The way the roles were reversed suprised me. Not many SLGs have a female training a male. If you enjoy SLGs like Muku2, and don't mind the role switch, you will defenintly love this game!
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