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Name: Ningengari (70.00% in 6 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

A mini game in the newest Alice Mansion series. This game takes on a "Monopoly" type board game.

Story: 50%
There is not much story in the game. It is just like the game play and the name itself. The "hunters" are left on an island and their targets are 5 different girls.

H Content: 66%
There are very little H-scenes in the game and the picture are rather small. But this game offers different combination of "hunters" which are the players and the 5 target girls. So these pictures and their combination should give the H-game players some kind of fun when you do not have to read japanese.

Graphics: 100%
The games graphics is pretty good. The characters are well drawn and the details of facial structure and clothes and even the small pictures in H scenes are really well done.

System/Setup: 100%
The system requirement is quiet easy to meet. Because although Jwin95 is required, Win95 can play the game as well. There is also the function in the new alicesoft games that measures graphic adaptor and CPU specification of your machine.

Game Play: 100%
The gameplay of this game is amazing. I really love how you plot traps, and revive your energy and put monsters so other hunters can fall into. There is also that when you find a girl, you can take her over in someone elses' base. You minus their girl point and when the girl point for the hunter is 0 she will follow you to your tent. This is overall a very nice board game and if you can setup how many turns it is because 100 turns are rather long and boring the game would be really fun.

Extras: 50%
There is nothing i can mention about extra besides the CG mode afterwards where you can see your glory.

Rating: 75%
This game is very fun the first time but you would eventually get bored of it so i gave it the score it deserve.
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