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Name: Hikari wo (64.55% in 11 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: LiLim
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Another boring 15-hour shift is over. It's been a while since any Import game passes though my fingertips. As I approach my "over-stacked" game bundle my fingers tingle with excitement and nostalgia. After poking a few holes on some neatly wrapped packages I came across a game that no one would have ever thought of.(something like that)

Here sits this game called Hikari-wo plain H looking just about the same to all other box (except AIR). But something was different. The cover isn't in full color or it seems missing something. So I decided to try it out to see if I am colorblind or someone drew this game color blind. 3 minutes into the game I was taken over by the oddness of this quite unique program.

The background and character setting is pretty universal. It's the, brother meets sister falls in love then etc. But the problem is, this is an H game. H games are H because they have H pics. (H means Ecchi/Hentai btw) But the main character is blind. He can't see. Then how do you, as the main character play this game if you can't see? Don't worry my fellow readers! Although 'you' are blind. You rely on past memory to predict how girls look like. You ONLY became blind 2 years ago. So you still can use your sense of memory + 2years = vision. But of course some girls tend to gain a few pounds here and there.

Surrounded by high school chicks that you can't see is kind of hard. Going to school as blind is even harder. The story takes place in a common town. Your parents disappeared long time ago leaving you and your half sister. You go blind after a car accident because of your little sister. Doc says some day after some special event (hint) you will regain your sight, maybe. So there you live your miserable life not being able to see all the cute girls around you. Worry not mate! Someday you will get your chance. Mean while enjoy the comedy that's unfolding.

This series with its twist of vision problem is quite funny. Especially the co-main characters personality. But what's more unique is its gap in ending. There are several endings and each one of them is FAR apart. Basically ending 1 will have nothing to do with ending 2. There for at the end you will have no idea who to end up with and what happens on the other end of the tunnel. With a little help from densetsu you will be able to know at least somewhat of what happened.

Graphic 7/10
Well the arts are okay. But since you are blind you don't see much.
Sound 6/10
They cheated on voice. only some sections have voice not all. The music is average sounding.
Story 9/10
First time I ever dare to play an H game from Blind man angle.
Console 7/10
Need work. The Skip button restriction needs to be removed.
Overall 8/10 Worthy!
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