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Name: Digiko no Kobeya (83.00% in 10 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Broccoli
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Gastalt

Here is a Mail Checker and desktop accessories CD from one of the cutest animes, DigiChart.

Since this is only a desktop theme and mail checker, there is no story to it.

There's a Ja-Ken game that can count as gameplay that I will discuss later in the review. There are alot of programs for DigiCharat fans to liven up their desktops with. The CD has all three characters: Digiko, Usada, and Petit. All of the characters have their own personalized rooms inside the mail checker. There are also desktop clocks for each girl. When you check you mail the girl will give a response by holding up a sign that says so. It's pretty amusing what they do when you don't. A Gema (Digiko's little yellow friend) mail checker is in the program too, but its too confusing for me to use ^_^. After install you have an option to load a DigiCharat Taskbar, that gives easy access to the mail checkers and clocks. Extra's like wallpapers, screen savers, Windows Explorer plugins, Logo Screens, Icons, Cursors and a plugin for IE 5.0 are included. If you like Ja-Ken-Pon... this game is in the mail checker. This allows you to play against other users of this software on Broccoli's server. The prizes for winning rounds are telcard, lamicard pics and secret wallpaper.

I really love the artwork from Digi Charat's anime, so its even better to have it all over my desktop! The colors are bright and clear. Many that have seen DigiCharat know that its very cute and kiddy looking, with super-deformed girls in costume.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
The game has no music and minimal sounds. Each character speaks during mail checks and configuration changes.

This is a neat desktop accessory for DigiCharat fans, and fans of girls in cute costumes ^_^! In other news, a new Character has been relased by broccoli this year as an add-on to Digiko no Kobeya.
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