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Name: Necronomicon (85.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: DOS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: HnN

This game is an adaptation of H.P Lovecroft's famous fictional book "Necronomicon", a.k.a book of the dead. You are some sort of archeologist and your research takes you to this quaint European town where you meet two other similar minded people. Together you piece together clues to an 100 year old mystery involving a young nun named Sara, an older nun name Rachion, the church, and some nasty occult business. There is also a rather gruesome family murder which you discover is connected to the whole fiasco.

Credit is given to Lovecroft' in the opening credits.

Story: 85%
The small portion that I understood of the story I liked alot. The story is detailed, chilling, suspenseful, plausible, and very dark. There are ofcourse breaks in the suspense for a few H scenes but these are by far in the minority. The game is completely linear, ie: you can't skip events. YOu basically have to go to various places in town and ask the residences for clues and information.

H Content: 60%
The amount of H scenes in relation to the story is rather minute. It is obvious the designers clearly wanted the H to take a back seat to the story in this game. The few H scenes though, are not too bad. Quite explicit and has a fair amount of detail.

Graphics: 50%
The pictures are a bit choppy but the color is good.

Gameplay: 60%
This game will take a while, especially if you don't understand the language and don't know where to go next. Movement basically occurs on an overhead map. You can go to certain places by simply clicking on the icon on the map. Note that you can only go to places which is revealed though your investigation, you only have access to very few places in the beginning.

Extras: 0%
This game doesn't have any extra modes. There is no way of replaying the H pictures unless you happen to save if at the right place. You also can't save on the overhead map, only when you're at a certain place.

Rating: 61%
I like good, serious, stories and this game certainly delivers on that. I would give it even more score but the lack of picture mode is rather inconvienient.

An excellent AVG with good story. It's quite a long game though, be prepared to spend some time. But if you understand the language, and enjoys a good horror/suspense story, this is a recommended game.
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