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Name: Custom Reido (Custom Slave) (72.22% in 9 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Kiss
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Gastalt

It seems this is the first and only game created by the company Kiss. It has a very interesting gameplay style that looks like a more advanced version of Custom Mate.

The girls life-story and the game's very limited story-line depends on what stats you pick for her. It seems that you are a proffesor in a highschool and you are given the choice to create your own slave girl.

This is the fun part of this game. You will be able to design your own girl by changing her hair color, eyes, weight, skin color, hairstyle, and bust size to your liking. There is also a module were you can download extra hairstyles for the girls from Kiss's server. The game is mainly training and with little text dialouge. You are given a few "training" techniques to help the girl learn. As she improves, she will be given more things to learn. There is no school or work training involved in the game, so this may be a plus for people who like to see constant h-pics (most of which are SM in nature). During the course of the week, you can let the girl rest or continue training. There will be charts that you can access to monitor her progress. She will either love you or hate you depending on how you treat her. The game lasts 30 days, then you will see the results of the training. I'm sure there are several endings, (I've only gotten 3 of them ^_^); but they can be hard to obtain. Like most games with such a variety of choices in styles, there is no CG mode.

There isnt much artwork in the game except for the girls themsevles, the girls are pretty cute (which also depends on how you create them to look) and the games colors arent bad. Backgrounds and side characters are probably the worst looking. Although not many will be focused on backgrounds and other characters anyway.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
I found the music in this game was too low... seems like they used mono wav files or something. The music will also hang and skip at times, so its just better off without it IMO. Sounds are mainly objects that you use in the girls training. There is no voice acting in the game.

Not a bad concept. If you like training simulations and a variety of styles this is a game for you. The maker site has several plugins for new hairstyles which is also good. However the games graphics arent too good and it has no CG gallery. For people who want better graphics Light is coming out with Custom Sex Doll, a total clone of this game IMO, but with much better art and a battle system.
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