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Name: Muku 2 (70.00% in 11 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Nikukyuu
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Badtzmiku

You are a rich playboy who runs a house with two VERY loyal maids and a eerily efficient butler. However, even in this blessed life there seems to be something missing...

Story: 100%
You are rich beyond all sense of the word, thus you are very powerful. As you go about your daily routine you meet an aspiring designer who catches your eye. From that point on you decide to set a trap to ensnare her to serve you... Unfortunately, in trapping her, you soon realize that you are trapped yourself. DAMN! This is a good story! What is even scarier is that it is a bring-up simulation game, which is usually shallow in the storyline department.

H Content: 100%
Interesting... Good story and a lot of great looking H-scenes, all in the same game! It has every possible H-scene that you can think of (except the really FREAKY ones, which most gamers don't even want to see in the first place) as well as great character designs (hell, even without being able to see your face completely, you still come out looking cool).

Graphics: 100%
This is one of the few exceptions to the "Badtzmiku Theory." (Look at my X-Girl review for the definition) Even though there is only one background, it is done with great detail and clarity. The cut scenes are also nicely done. It's so good I don't need the H-scenes (ok, maybe that is pushing it a bit).

Gameplay: 100%
Being a Sim, it is ALL game play. Like other Sims, you decide the schedule for the week, then wait and see the results. What makes this game stand out, however, is the stuff that happens in between. During the rest days, you can have your maids design dresses (that they can wear), clean the house some more, do some H-stuff with them, or even raise the maid's dept to you so that the game can practically go on as long as you want it to (unlike others, which have a set time limit). Choices that you make when you are asked the occassional question will affect your attitude towards each of your maids (loving, caring, protective, indifferent, etc.), as well as their attitudes towards you. This game has multiple endings (though I've only seen the bad ones). The interface is sort of hard to get at first, but if you go to Hentai World Japan ( and click on the screenshots of Muku 2, you will find translations for all the terms (thank you guys [and girls] of HWJ).

Sound: 80%
The sound in this game is above average (Wow, sweet and simple! A first for me.)

Extras: 80%
Sim games are loaded with extras, and this is no exeption. However, unlike other games, Sim games put all their extras in the game itself (thus, the gameplay section of this review is so long). The external game extras includes a picture gallery, music room, game options (change your name and stats), and, my personal favorite, the option to give the music a "watery" sound (I can describe it no other way, you have to hear it for yourself)

Rating: 96%
The reason I rated this game so high is the fact that it contains so many of the little things that I believed were lacking in most of the Sim games that I have played. Maybe I was a little overly dazzled by this game (more than most people would be), but even critics must admit that only a handfull of games in this genre can match up to this one. I mean, you have to love a game where roaches invade your house if you neglect the housework for too long (due to other "recreational" activities).

If you like Sim games, or are interested in buying one, buy this one! The game Kinbaku no Yakata is fun too, but you'll find yourself starting to rip your hair out when the girl goes to your brother instead of you for the 15th time in a row! (Those who have played this game will know what I am talking about...). Oh and I would like to thank, and apologize to, Spirit in advance, for he will probably end up editing my more colorful comments in both this review and my X-girl one. Sorry... I just had to put them in.
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