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Name: Mio & Miho (71.25% in 16 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Bell-Da
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: N1S

None, zip, nadda, zilch.

H Content: 100%
Well, how do you expect a H game with no story to sell? It makes up for it in "other" areas, of course. The nice graphics and plentiful H would make any H gamer happy here.

The presence of 2 girls means twice the fun for the price of one :)

Graphics: 90%
Full color graphics... which are very nice. All pictures are well drawn and pleasant to look at. Not a lot of background, though... which can be a plus :)

Gameplay: 30%
The game play is a bit somewhat questionable here. Just like Nao, you click on "hot spots" on the screen, and you'll get a response of some sort from either Mio or Miho, or both. During a H scene, you actually sort of control the next pic to see by the choices you make, so it is an improvement over Nao.

An interesting feature is that the game picks which girl you'll be playing with for that game session when the game first starts up. The 3 possible choices are Mio (by herself), Miho (by herself), or both Mio and Miho together. As far as I can tell, the selection is random, so if you want to play with a specific choice, you'll have to keep restarting the game until you get the choice you want, which is a bit annoying.

Sound: 60%
Just like Nao, this game is in full voice. All response by Mio and Miho are by voice, not text, which have both good points and bad points. It all depends on which one you prefer (text or voice).

There is no music in this game, so you may want to play a CDs something in your CD player while you play this game.

Extras: 20%
None what-so-ever. However, ALL the game graphics are in bmp files that you can look at without playing the game :)

Rating: 62%
I like games that have their pictures in bmp files... that way, I can easily just skip to the pics if I don't want to sit down and play the game. The graphics of this game is actually good enough to use as wallpaper, and the bmp files (all in 640x480 resolution) are a convenient way of letting me do just that :)

A good game to play to satisfy your daily H fix... but definitely not something that lasts. No story and lousy game play, but the excellent graphics made up for it a little bit.
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