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Name: Metal & Lace 2 (Ningyou 2) (73.33% in 6 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Forest
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

The sequel to Metal Lace... The same fighting game with better graphics!

Story: 75%
Most Fighting games as you may have known don't really have a good story, but i might say this is one of the most original stories i have ever played. Having a Ningyou do the fighting for you instead of the character being an all out martial arts experts is really a different twist in fighting games and i think it can only work in this game.

H Content: 80%
Hmmm not bad graphics in the H scene after you beat the characters and there are 8 characters (i might have count wrong since there are two bosses) and the average scene for each is about 3-4 scenes each... it makes the replay value of this game really high.

Graphics: 75%
Not bad graphics compare to the other games released in windows. And this game actually can match the game speed in such games like street fighter (well the graphics almost match) but i must say coming from a different company they both have their goods and bads

Gameplay: 65%
Maybe its only me, but i m getting a little bit tired of the same fighting games that requires the same motion to activate the special moves. I mean if i can beat this game using a keyboard then what the hell? where are the really good combos? But then this game does deserves a higher score if i weren't the reviewer =)

Sound: 100%
Okay if you own the full version which comes with good cd music then give yourself a pat on the back because the music is everything in a fighting game =)

Extras: 70%
To my surprise they actually have a CG room too!

Rating: 76%
Not a bad fighting game to have but after you play turbo mode of street fighter you would wonder is this game being loaded on slow motion?
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