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Name: Mad Paradox 2 (62.50% in 4 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Queens-Soft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: HnN

This game takes place in a typical fantasy RPG setting but isn't really an RPG since there is no combat, no stats, no magic, etc.. You are a young knight name Mashu. When a strange plague appeared in the neighboring town of Gorton, you were sent by the church to investigate.

Story: 50%
You are a young knight name Mashu. During one of your earlier campaigns you were injured and was found by two "sisters" Rina & Karen. You decided to stay with them in the town of Shack afterwards and lived there for a year. At the start of the story, you were told a strange illness has appeared in the western neighboring town of Gorton. There is suspicion that it involves the five elemental spirits. The church sent you to investigate. As you can see, the story is really rather lame.. and extremely short. I finished the entire game in under 1 1/2 hours, those who can read Japanese can finish it sooner.

H Content: 35%
There is no H per se, just some ecchi stills, eg: shower stills, dressing stills, etc.. Nothing really happens, its just eye candy.

Graphics: 75%
Well the graphics aren't bad. At least its an infinite improvement over the 16 color low resolution graphics in its predecessor. The color is good and the resolution is high, although the art style resembles a waterpainting, ie: the colors are somewhat faded, not very sharp.

Gameplay: 35%
There is literaly nothing to do. The game just involves you going from one place to another looking for information and people to help you get to the next step in completing your mission. You start off in Shack town where your first challenge is to get pass the guard who guards the entrance to Gorton. Then afterwards, its just a matter of finding the five elemental spirits and getting their crystals. No brainer.

Sound: 80%
Good Midi music. I'll give this category one extra point just cause the rest of the ratings sucks so much.

Extras: 60%
Not really much of any bonus modes. There is a feature which lets you see all the pictures you've seen in the game, as well as give you a percentage of the pictures you've seen over the total. To do this, find a well, and click on it, and it'll ask you if you want to rest and dream. Select rest and it'll go through all the pictures you've seen before.

Rating: 53%
This game is just too damn short. You figure for 130 megs it should atleast last you the night. But no most people can finish it under 2 hours. If you can read Japanese you can do it under 1. I've seen games which are 1/10 the size, yet give you over ten times as much playing time.

An ok game for wasting two hours of your life on. There is neither the fun nor the H to get anything more out of this game.
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