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Name: Koi-Hime (Mystic Princess) (46.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: DOS
Company: Silky
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Rukun

Seeing that you haven't had visited the place you uesd to live, you decided that this summer vacation would be the perfect oppurtunity to vistit your home village. You arrive (somehow) to see that nothing's changed, but something seems to be of a miss... But then again, you forget all about that cause beautiful girls showing up and intresting things start to happen...

Story: 90%
The story is where this games shines. Koi-Hime, simply put, is FUNNY AS HELL. During the beggining of the story, I was cracking up after one thing after another. Even the little details are hilarious, such as this excerpt translated by me.

"There are bunch of pigons wandering about outside. I hate pigons. I mean What the hell is their problem? All I did was put a little fire cracker in their food and they try to that Hitchcock thing on me. Be a little more open-minded, like me."

Even if these jokes do get old after a while, anybody who can read japanese won't mind playing through the game at least once.

Besides the humor, some parts of the story are quite touching, especially during some of the H-scenes and some of the endings. I advise anybody playing this game to check out all the endings, believe me it's worth it.

H Content: 73%
Unlike some of the other games by Silky's, H-scenes aren't too frequent in this game. In total, you only have sex 8 times, with 4 people and about 3-4 pics each time.

Fortunatly, the H-scenes in this game are VERY well done. They don't have much interaction like elf's icon clicking or choosing actions, instead, the H-scenes are no-break, lines and graphics only. But this is what's so great, you don't repeat any lines, the entire line scrolling process goes smoother, and to top it off, the scripts are very well written.

Graphics: 66%
As far as graphics go in this game, it'll get the job done. Allthough I like the artwork in this game, it's not things you'd see people post in their websites. The graphics are pretty good for 16 color and some of them are in Full screen so they are pretty good. One gripe I have is the censorship. Because Silky's decided to use the "Nothing" censors, some pics seem unusual or even strange. But some pics goes by pretty well with this method, and some brillantly use the "Natural" censorship to the their advatage.

System/Setup: 90%
One of the coolest features in Koi-Hime is the creative use of oversized fonts and more traditonal Horizantal line set-up. In the game, some effects ( such as banging noises, fists cracking jaws, you know the cool sounding stuff you see on TV yet you have to beat up your friends to relize it don't happen in real life.) are expressed with the words like bang shown as bang!! . You have to see this to understand, but trust me, it's cool.

The other feature is the horizantal line setup. Unlike most other games, Koi-Hime diplays most of their line horizantlly in traditional japanese fashion. This, I realized, is MUCH easier to read then vertical lines. Trust me, anybody japanese will like this feature.

As far as saving systems go, they are pretty standard. 9slots, loads brings you back to beggining of scene, slightly awkward saving places and all that.

Gameplay: 70%
This game is your standard Adventure game format that takes up the bulk of most H-games, you click on talk, think, move, and other things that might be available to you. Fortunatly, the clicking and progressing through the lines are very smooth and actully quite fun to scroll through the lines. In the later half of the game, there's a RPG like battle scene with HP and even Experience points!! It's really not much, but the whole comical touch goes with the game's feel.

Extras: 70%
The usual CG mode, Sound mode are activated once you beat the game. You are also given a ending confirmation mode which is pretty standard in most games. One gripe I have about the game is that unlike other Silky's games, Koi-Hime doesn't have an View H-scene option. Instead, I'm forced to save up slots so I revisit the scenes if I want to.

Rating: 74%
A good game, not really that H, but funny and has a good story.
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