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Name: Pastel Cat Dojin-Soft Series 3,5&6 (63.33% in 3 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Pastel-Cat
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Gastalt

The circle Pussy Cat(Part that handles Doujinshi Comics) Pastel Cat(Produces CD-Roms) are very popular
in Japan and at Comic Markets. The Circle has created several different CD-Roms, showing Ohno Tetsuya's original and parody characters.
These Dojin-Soft CD-Roms have; Doujin Captures, Color CG, Rough Sketches, Talking Novels, Interactive CG, Puzzle Games and more.

Game play/System:
Heart Mix is just a CG CD-Rom featuring 45 of Tetsuya's renditions of the To Heart Cast and Some older Evangelion works.
There is no game play, and you can use your internet browser to view the CGs and Manga Covers on this disc.
Tiruma will try her best is a digital talking comic, featuring Tiruma; his parody character of Multi. This character is featured
in almost all of his Doujinshi in black and white format. You will be able to choose from four cute voice actresses to act out the six
scenarios of Tiruma doing "H" stuff.
Colorful Heart is the newest CD-Rom produced by P-Cat. It has lots of very nice CGs from Prism Heart, Comic Pinky, AIR, and Tenshi Ni Narumon.
There's an interactive talking CG feature in which the characters respond to touch. The thing I liked most about this
soft, was the puzzle game added in for some added game play. Its like one of those slider puzzles where the image is scrabbled and
you must places the pieces back to see the full image.

The art in all CD-Roms is really cute, and his rendition of many of the parody characters look better than their original designs IMO. There's also extra CG on the discs
to be used as wallpaper. I was really anxious to finally see his Tiruma Comics in color and was
impressed by the cute work!! Heart Mix and Colorful Heart are the most "innocent" of his Doujin CD-Roms...Heart Mix only
has about five adult illustrations and Colorful Heart just has erotic voices and sounds with the interactive CG.

All CDs are recommended to Tetsuya Fans who'd like to get more of his works. Esp ones that are not
in book/color format or seen only in ads and promotional Tel cards. The retail price of each CD is 1,200 ($12USD) Except Tiruma, which is 2,000($20USD) so they aren't pricey items and
still are very low priced on the Japanese retail market.
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