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Name: Septerra Core (85.00% in 2 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Monolith
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: DarkWhisper

The game is created by a company called Valkyrie Studios which is an american based company. The game is an rpg for the pc that borrows from console rpgs. The game itself has been in development limbo for around 3-4 years then was resurrected again and finally released.

Now for the review of the game itself. Sorry you probably got bored reading the games history. Anyway, the game is a pc rpg that tries to borrow some features from console rpgs like Final Fantasy VII and so on.

The games background uses prerendered ones as seen in FFVII and FFVIII. The character models are detailed and blends well with the background unlike the ones in FFVII and FFVIII which uses polygonal characters. The characters are designed well enough. Septerra Core also uses CG movies and in game sequences to tell the story. The battles system is somewhat turn based or active as seen in the FF games although Septerra Core uses a different approach. It seems that the game uses the same action bar that lets you issue commands but is more simple.

The story is about a girl named Maya who lives in a world called Septerra. Septerra is a world created by the Creator. The world is very unique in which that the planet is divided into floating continents called World Shells and orbits the Core which is a bio-computer that holds the whole world together. Although this world is in peril against an evil that might destroy the world Maya and allies she meets will try to save the world from destruction which is prophesized where the keys is the answer...

The game features rpg elements seen in the usual rpg adventure like magic, resource management, and so on. Now for the Ratings..

The game has nice prerendered backgrounds and cool character designs. The CG movies although not up to par as seen in Square games is still quite good.

Hmmm...not that original but is very engrossing.

The sounds aren't that vibrant. The voice over are also present in the CG movies/in game sequences. The voices range from impressive to irritating. The music fits the scenes quite well without making the music too bothersome.

The control since it uses the mouse for movement the characters moves a little slow though. The issuing of commands is easy to learn since the game uses icons that is understandable and resourse management isn't hard.

I enjoyed playing the game although at some point in the game i got bored then i got interested again. The learning curve is medium so anyone can pick this up pretty fast.

The game itself won't win the rpg of the year award but it will keep you occupied for awhile. It is an rpg adventure for the pc that is a good first try from the company.

For questions or comments about this review email me

DarkWhisper ^_^
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