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Name: Ima, Soko Ni Iru Boku (100.00% in 3 votes)
Platform: VIDEO
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Pioneer does make good anime. If someone come up and tells you that Pioneer makes crappy anime, then either you heard it wrong or that person is a bit odd (recounting from previous ones as well as current ones). This year (last year rather) Ima boku concluded as all 13 episodes finished airing and appeared on store fronts in LD boxes.

So what is Ima boku about anyways? For those that watched some of Miyazaki (most famous for Totoro, Mononoke etc) you might have an idea. If it’s related someway to Miyazaki then the type of anime is set. A kind of grayish tone. Gray tone when applied to anime means a story involving sadness. The atmosphere of the setting or character or ending will end up really sad. Get your tissues ready before you watch Ima boku.

Reason why I say Ima boku deserves a praise is quite simple. It has an ending. Quite a few anime out there right now ended... but with out a real ending. Most of times they just give you some BS due to shortage of time or funding (i.e. trigun) As of Ima boku, the ending is pretty good... to some people the ending might be a little odd. For those who watched Mononoke, Ima boku's ending is kind of similar (but not all).

Story 9/10
A kendou (swords club) member while walking home encounters something out of the ordinary. Shu saw a special girl named lalaru and got a little too close to her... shit happens and both of them gets captured from Japan taken to somewhere that is not the 3rd rock from the sun. There he is trapped in a Dictator mobile-castle that’s ran by the worst person alive. And yet people thinks he’s God. The dictator captures young children and forces them to be his soldiers to fight and capture other slaves. While in the castle Shun found a new girl named Sara that LOOKED almost like lalaru. Apparently she was mistaken for lalaru and brought here to be tortured anyways. Shu one day finally goes bonkers and kidnaps lalaru and sets out his journey to free the slaves. Sounds so hero-like. But it won't be that simple. It ended in a... I won't go that far to spoil the fun out of you guys. You want to know the ending you should watch this series. Its 13 episodes each last about 20 minutes.

Art 8/10
The style and environmental setting looks REALLY close to what Miyazaki would design. They look quite the same to me. Everything blends in. Nothing out of place.

Music n Voice 8/10
Standard dubbing procedure by Pioneer. Top end. Music as well.

Overall 8/10
Its that feeling that you get at the end of the series that knocks all your tears out. Yes I was on the verge of bursting in tears as well. I recommend everyone to watch this.
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