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Name: Kaerunyo Panyon (80.77% in 13 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Nymph

Go on a fantasy adventure with 7 beautiful girls and an idiotic prince.

Story: 55%
Not much here. The story is simple. Two prince are fighting to be the next king. The older one casts spell on his brother and he turns in to a Panyon (panyon is a stupid animal with big ears that has special powers of attracting monsters). One day, Panyon rescues 7 girls (actually he gets jumped for them while they run away) and the girls decide to help him, but the journey becomes harder as it goes because of Panyon's stupid powers. I don't think this will spoil the fun since all these come out at the opening anyways.

H Content: 100%
The graphics are excellent. There are about 3,4 h-pics for each of the girls, but you won't see the real h-contents unless you're heading the wrong way. This makes it kind of easy I guess but you only see 1 pic per each of them getting raped which leaves the rest out. There are also many other h-scenes of other characters you can see while playing.

Graphics: 100%
Perfect. Like most of the Win 95 games, it's 256 colored, and it's also from Alice Soft! (don't know why but I get attracted to Alice Soft drawings). All the main characters are beautiful, and they all have their own looks. Also the CGs that you collect as you go are beautiful. But to see all the CGs it will take you A LOT of time and I mean it. It took me too much time so I had to extract the game to view the pics.

Sound: 50%
Played the ripped verison so I don't know the sounds well may be the sound effects.

System/Setup: 80%
You can save after each battle and there are plenty of spaces for saving. If you are running this program on J Win 95 I don't think you will have a problem. But, if you are a Win 95 user like me (Win 95 = English Win 95) the program will refuse to run. A way to solve this is to rename the files. Look for all the files with the extention of *.ALD. There should be ??????ga.ald, ??????wa.ald and so on. (???? stands for Japanese) After you find them, change all the ??? into ga, then ??????ga.ald will become gaga.ald, ??????wa.ald will become gawa.ald and so on. After you do this, it will run fine. Looks complicated but it's easy. Think of it as a price for playing the ripped ver. or not using J Win 95. And of course, you need Union Way or NJwin to view the Japanese Characters.

Gameplay: 100%
It's very good. Not a common system for a h-game. It's like Shining Force (hope you know what this game is) but the map is limited at height, so all you can do is go right. Every turn, the map scrolls one space and if a character is on the place that disappeared, she/he/it will die. (kind of hard to explain in words) You can also change the class of characters by using the items and etc. Also the fighting animations are so cute! The only problem is that it is too hard. There are multi routes, and out of those many choices there is only one route that will show you the happy ending. And the scrolling of the map is also a hell. Also, if Panyon dies, it is GAME OVER and he can only move one space at a time which will basically squeeze him to death without his special skills. Play the game, you'll know what I mean.

Extras: 50%
There is a CG mode you can get while staying in the inn. It will show a window with bunch of thumbnails

Rating: 79%
This game is still fun with out the h-content! (at least to me) and the world that the game takes place in is same as Rance so Rance player will have fun playing it too.

Recommended to people with lots of time and patience, at the end it all pays off.
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