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Name: Hiiragi (65.00% in 4 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Pias
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

I assume the "Under the same roof top" had a influence in this game since the title similars the title.

Story: 70%
Nice story, not so original but nice. The story is actually about you the player trying to take the deed of the house for this "mysterious boss" guy. The only way to gain the deed and have the girls move out is to go undercover. And this is where your job comes in. You take on the job as the Manager to survey house hold activities. A pretty short story with many endings. (And i do mean short story, there is a total of 7 girls and each have a story on their own, but it is very short and kept very simple)

H Content: 70%
There are a count of 7 girls each with an average of 7 H scenes. Thus giving 49 HIGH quality H scenes. These pictures are nice, and i must compliment them on how it really stands up against the main stream H game companies' nice graphics.

Graphics: 60%
Compared to the H scenes which even looks nice in a 800x600 16 bit enviroment, the regular graphics...well doesn't stand out at all. There is a lot of faults in the regular drawings, especially the fact that it has about an inch of black out line. But overall, the graphics a re pleasant and nice.

Gameplay: 70%
Even though it is a simple click and go AVG, the gameplay is very hard. There are a lot of ways to gameover in this game and you must choose the right choice from the beginning. So what i would recommend in this area is SAVE ALOT.

Extras: 80%
Same ol Same ol CG gallery, one thing special though is that it uses direct x to make the screen pop up instead of giving a black screen then jumping to the picture which i found very unique.

Rating: 67%
One of the few AVGs i liked, maybe because of the title and that it is similar to under the same roof top =) A quick game worth trying. Not bad in graphics but story wise its too short. Also very low in replay value.
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