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Name: High School Terra Story (77.50% in 16 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Uran
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Joshua

This particular game has two versions, yet I have only played the new, updated version called -Premium-. This new version has three resolution modes (up to 1024x768) and apparently features two new characters. Overall, this is a very high quality game in terms of graphic, sound and story. It certainly stands out from most of the "Doukyusei" type games. And the premium version comes with a hard covered full color manual and a Video-CD OVA. There is also a sequel to this game, College Terra Story.

Story: 90%
Well, this game has separate stories for each character in which you have an innocent love affair with. From what I do understand of the stories, they range from a girl with an abusive boyfriend to falling in love with a girl who is your best friend. The stories are interest- ing and some are quite dramatic as are the characters. Overall, it is well done and it is nice to see a game with good stories to it.

H Content: 90%
This game has about five to six H scenes with each character except for one and they are highly detailed and some are hardcore. I would say that this game defintitely put a lot of effort into the H-Scenes.

Graphics: 100%
This game has very high detail and sharp graphics to it and I think it certainly stands out from the rest. To simply put it, the artwork and design is beautifully done.

Gameplay: 100%
The gameplay to this game takes awhile to understand depending on how well you can play simulation games. Basically, you have about three and an half months to finish the game with one girl. Each day, you start out at school and you have a parameter with three sections: Studies, Athletics, and Art. Depending on how you build up this parameter and how you inter- act with the characters, the story will change. You also receive love points if you answers questions by the girls you interact with correctly. You do not freely move in this game, it directs you by your parameter and how you answer questions with the girls. You can choose which girl you want to finish the game with by using that method. You also earn money and you have a meter that tells you how tired you are. The only other option is an angel/devil feature which allows you to views scenes with the characters(angel option) and view the heart meters for each character(devil option). There is a maximum of 10 out of 10 hearts. You can also call each girl and eventually ask them out on a date. Overall, the gameplay is pretty deep and initially complicated, but if you have played simulations, you may or may not get used to it. And you can save the game at any time, which is convenient.

Sound: 100%
I really enjoyed the soundtrack to this game as it plays with full CD music and there are opening and ending vocals. I especially love the ending song, it fits so well with the game. The music is rather avant- garde. It is a combination of light jazz, piano, etc. Overall, it is certainly high quality and has full voice, too.

Extras: 50%
Well, there is only one extra feature in which you can view all of the pictures,including H-scenes, in which you can summon an angel in your options during the game. There is nothing else. You can listen to the music in any CD player.

Rating: 91%
Well, I must say that this game is very challenging, at least for me it was. And I have finished it with five characters. There is one character, Rina, your best friend, to which I have not finished the game with and I am trying hard to do so. I really find this to be my favorite Hentai game even though it was easy at times and then very difficult. Definitely one of my favorites.

Excellent game. I definitely recommend it, but only to those who like simulation games and like a challenge. I also recommend that you play this on Japanese Windows 95/98 if you can. This game also has some exceptional artwork, especially in the endings.
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