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Name: Chrono Trigger (92.41% in 29 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: SNES
Company: SquareSoft Japan
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Chrono Trigger is among many of the successful stream of RPG games created by Squaresoft. Squaresoft is best known for their Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series. Squaresoft is the first Japanese company to prove that there is a big enough market for RPGs in North America with their release of Final Fantasy I. Squaresoft has its reputation as the gaming company for RPGs. And it is true, because the story in their RPG games are astonishing and often the player feel themselves becoming one of the characters in the game. Squaresoft has put a lot of time into developing the characters in the game so that the game becomes more of a story more than a game.

Taking a break from their Final Fantasy and Dragon quest series, Squaresoft created Chrono Trigger around 1995. It is also one of the few squaresoft titles that made it to the states. Squaresoft made a bold attempt in making Chrono Trigger revolve around Time Travelling, an unclear concept even to scientists to this day. The game begins in the year 1000 A.D. It is anniversary of the queen and people of the kingdom are having a fair. Chrono bumps into a mysterious girl at the fair and goes with her to his friend Lucca's stand at the fair. However, an accident happen with the teleport machine, and the mysterious girl disappears. It is up to Chrono and his friends to rescue this girl and to uncover the evil that has been planted in this planet a long time ago.

There can be up to 7 characters that will join your party as the game goes on, and these characters are of course from different time periods. Squaresoft are most known in their RPG game to have two type of ways to deal with random encounters with the enemy, the Active Time Battle Mode and the Wait mode. In a random encounter, your characters will be facing the enemy and when the battle begins, the character will have a Time bar which when full allows that character to make his/her move. The magical attacks in this game is also a brand new concept which never appeared in their previous releases. Each character learns different techniques as they gain tech points. There are single techs as well as double and triple techs. Single techs are performed by the single character Double techs are performed by two characters when both of their time bars
are full and Triple techs are techs done by all three characters present in the party when their time bars are full.

Chrono Trigger is among one of the great RPGs released by Square and is definitely worth getting. The gameplay is incredible and replay value is high since there are more than 15 endings to this game. Squaresoft moved to Sony 2 years ago so Chrono Trigger will be among one of the last batch of RPG games release for SNES. Get the game and have fun :).

Below are the ratings I give to this game:

Story: 9/10 - The story in this game is awesome so it keeps player playing till the very end. The concept of Time travel is very well descripted and completely flawless.

Graphics: 8.5/10 - Being a SNES game, the graphics cannot be compared with PSX or Saturn games, but comparing to other 16 bit game system, it is very well done, the character's movement around the map is smooth and the backgrounds are detailed and lively.

Gameplay: 7/10 - Like many Japanese RPG games, it has an interesting storyline which keeps the player into the game, but as for the battle goes, not much of a difference from other RPG games. Chrono trigger lacks the element of puzzles which would othewise make the game more interesting.

Music: 8/10 - Squaresoft fans should know that their music is never bad. In fact, Squaresoft probably has the best game music in Japan. They are absolutely fascinating. Their soundtracks is an item square fans should not miss.

Overall: 8.125/10 - This game in my opinion is definitely a success chapter in the history of squaresoft game making. If you have not been exposed to Japanese RPG, this is one of the game to start you off. I highly recommend this game to all ages since the difficulty level in the game is not too hard. I heard rumours that Chrono Trigger 2 is coming out for PSX, any verifications?
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